Q. What does Schoolzine do?

A.Schoolzine has transformed the humble school newsletter into a multi-functional, interactive platform that can be accessed wherever you have internet! At home on your PC, via your mobile or perhaps on your iPad - completely at your convenience. This is not simply emailing home a PDF copy of your old print newsletter, this is a true revolution! ...Read More

Q. What about parents who don’t use email?

A.Schoolzine provides your school with multiple channels to distribute your newsletter. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Apps and SMS. You can rest assured your message is getting through using Schoolzine. ...Read More

Q. Why use email to deliver newsletters?

A.You can have confidence that email newsletters will reach home and not get lost along the way in a school bag. We can also provide you with reports to show what is being read in the email newsletter. Feedback from parents to Schoolzine newsletters is overwhelmingly positive. We can also give you a report of any emails that bounce so you can update contact details with parents. ...Read More

Q. How much does Schoolzine cost?

A.Schools can choose between 3 packages. eNews 10 includes all services and up to 10 fully formatted and delivered e-Newsletters. eNews 20 includes all services and up to 20 fully formatted and delivered e-Newsletters. eNews 40 includes all services and up to 40 fully formatted and delivered e-Newsletters....Read More

Q. What if parents prefer hard copy?

A.We send you a printable version of the newsletter, which you have the option of providing to anyone who requires it. ...Read More

Q. Who can sponsor our newsletter?

A.Schoolzine approaches businesses with products or services that might meet the needs of parents from your school. You have right of refusal for sponsors you deem unsuitable. Schoolzine policy is no unhealthy food, alcohol, political or gambling related advertising. ...Read More

Q. What commitment do you need from the school?

A.Your agreement with Schoolzine is based on a 12 month commitment. You agree to provide us with a minimum number of newsletters (usually 20) in a year or four consecutive terms.You also agree to provide Schoolzine with content and approvals in a timely manner during that time. This enables us to fulfil our joint commitment to sponsors. ...Read More

Q. How much, and what kinds of content can we include?

A.There is no limit on the amount of content you can include. Your newsletter is only limited by the time your school community has available to collect and provide interesting and useful content. Schoolzine newsletters can include text, full colour photographs, video, forms, surveys, registrations and links. ...Read More

Q. How do you protect the privacy of information of our school and parents?

A.Your information is kept in a secure segregated database on our server. It remains your intellectual property. We will never sell or use your contact details for anything other than the delivery of your school newsletter, unless you ask or instruct us to do so. ...Read More

Q. We already produce our own school newsletter in-house — why involve Schoolzine?

A.Using the Schoolzine service allows you to concentrate your time and resources on creating the content you want to communicate to parents, and save the time and resources needed to produce and distribute the newsletter. We provide the graphic design and web distribution services that take your school newsletter to a new level of quality and professionalism. ...Read More

Q. Who owns the content once provided to Schoolzine?

A.The content including images, text, video and pdf provided for the production of the newsletters remains the property of the contributor. ...Read More