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Schoolzine brings global digital newsletter trend to the UK, appoints local woman as UK & Ireland CEO


Oct 2016

Emily Halderthay UK & Ireland CEO of Schoolzine Click here to download image

One of the fastest growing digital school service providers worldwide, Schoolzine, has arrived in the United Kingdom, appointing UK-born businesswoman Emily Halderthay as its UK & Ireland CEO.

A leader in digital school communication for almost 10 years, Schoolzine started in Australia, where it has built more than 35,000 newsletters for schools and organisations around the world.

Schoolzine’s services include eNewsletters with unlimited content, school websites, and a mobile school app, allowing parents to stay better engaged with their school community.

Ms Halderthay said feedback from UK & Ireland schools including Schoolzine’s founder schools are saves a lot of time and money in getting key messages out.

“I always give schools a parent’s perspective, because I know first hand the frustrations parents have with the way schools communicate,” she said.

Long gone are the days when the only option for newsletters was the paper form, which was often found, tangled with banana at the bottom of a school satchel – if it made it home at all.

But some of the electronic options available – such as emailed PDFs - are just as useless, Ms Halderthay says.

“PDFs instantly disengage me, while Schoolzine’s interactive, photo-filled newsletter content jumps out of the screen, keeping me informed and continually engaged with the school.”

Schoolzine uses cutting edge technology to make content look sharp and eye catching.

A mobile phone app means parents can catch up on school news while sitting on the sofa or waiting for the pasta to boil.

Parents whose children go to Schoolzine schools are able to see more media-rich content of their children - like pictures and videos - because Schoolzine’s content is unlimited.

The global EdTech leader has some powerful backers in the technology sector too.

Microsoft Director – Education Sector, George Stavrakakis, praised Schoolzine’s hands-on approach with their schools, supporting its continued international expansion.

“The fact that the platform has been developed for schools makes it unique,” Mr Stavrakakis said.

He predicted it would take off in the UK.

“The size and geo-location of schools in the UK, coupled with the traditional way schools currently distribute content provides Schoolzine with a great opportunity to penetrate the market there.”

Schoolzine aims to become the world’s largest digital school service provider by 2020, says its UK-born and raised founder Phil Reardon, who now lives in Australia.

“We aim to empower the way communities learn without borders by changing how schools communicate, engage and connect globally,” Mr Reardon said.

He said he was excited to have Ms Halderthay on the team.

“With her sales management experience at major fast moving consumer goods companies such as Nestle,” he said.

“More importantly, she brings her first hand experience of UK education, as a mother of three children schooled in the UK and Australia.

“With her passion for helping schools better connect with their parent community, Emily is the right person to champion Schoolzine in the UK.”


Contact: For more information to arrange interviews or photos, contact Craig Josic (CJ) Chief Digital Officer of Schoolzine on +61 433 991 718, +61 7 5414 2357 or

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