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Varsity College Joins Digital Newsletter Trend


Feb 2016

Steve McLuckie Principal of Varsity College & Phil Reardon CEO of Schoolzine Click here to download image

Varsity College, one of the largest schools in Queensland with more than 3000 students, is excited to join Schoolzine as their 400th school.

Schoolzine, who has recently been awarded an SOA 63239 Standing Offer Arrangement by Education Queensland, is a fast growing digital school service provider in Australia and New Zealand. They allow schools to produce media-rich content that engages with their parents and wider school communities.

Varsity College is thrilled to join the service already used by hundreds of schools to help bridge the digital divide between them and their community to provide better educational outcomes for their students.

As Schoolzine’s 400th school, Varsity College will also be a part of their new innovative and collaborative network because Schoolzine is more than a digital newsletter service provider.

They will have the opportunity to be involved in Schoolzine’s upcoming events, road shows and initiatives that highlight innovative ways to learn, educate and shape the future of school communication.

Steve McLuckie Principal of Varsity College said that, “We’re always looking at ways to connect with our parent communities to maximise student learning potential and have found Schoolzine’s digital communications service the most effective.”

Phil Reardon, chief executive officer of Schoolzine, said he was “very excited to welcome Varsity College to the Schoolzine family.”

“As your digital partner, our mission is to be able to give all schools the opportunity to share media-rich content on one platform to bring communities closer together,” he said.

“The feedback from our current schools is that it saves them a lot of time and money in getting their key messages out and schools no matter how big or small, face these issues too.”

“The number of tools Schools use and how involved they are in our collaborative ecosystem is up to them.”

“I’m thrilled Varsity College is our 400th school and that they are keen to take the lead with their involvement,” said Mr Reardon.


Contact: For more information to arrange interviews or photos, contact Craig Josic (CJ) Chief Digital Officer of Schoolzine on +61 433 991 718, +61 7 5414 2357 or

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