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Schoolzine - Est 2007

Schoolzine was founded in January 2007 following an encounter between a parent and a primary school principal during a children’s football game. Instead of concentrating on the game, they delved into a conversation about transforming the communication channels between schools and the parent community. Guided by the conviction that globally, engaging parents in their child’s school life results in better educational outcomes, they embarked on a mission to revolutionise school communication.

Building Schoolzine

Following the football game, a decision was made to gather eight school principals in the area for a round table discussion. The concept of an integrated communication platform, aimed at fostering connections between schools and their local communities, was introduced and Schoolzine was born.

The University of the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre swiftly embraced the idea, leading to Schoolzine becoming operational within just three weeks. Remarkably, the initial eight schools that supported Schoolzine’s inception continue to benefit from it today.

Today, Schoolzine offers a suite of modules that seamlessly connect the entire school community. Schools can now streamline processes and reduce administrative time, allowing everyone to focus on achieving their unique version of success. Who would have thought that a brilliant idea could emerge from a simple game of football?

The Evolution of Schoolzine​

Since day one, collaboration has been at the heart of our philosophy. Over the past decade, constant communication and feedback from schools have fuelled the evolution of our platform into a comprehensive Parent Engagement Platform.

This collaborative spirit remains the driving force behind our current development roadmap. Yet, amidst these advancements, one fundamental aspect remains unchanged: our unwavering commitment to ensuring schools feel supported. Our unlimited technical support has been a cornerstone of our service and will continue to be for years to come. We take pride in having global offices supporting schools in over 20 countries, offering assistance in multiple languages.

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