Release Notes

Release Notes

This page serves to show changes which have been made to the Schoolzine Platform, or changes that will be made to the Schoolzine Platform. This is a living page and will be updated after each release.

Items are listed in one or more of the following categories: Bug Fix, Quality of Life Improvement, Deprecation, New Feature.

A brief description for each of these categories can be seen below.

Bug Fix: This category includes any tickets that address and resolve software defects or issues. Bugs are problems or malfunctions in the software that prevent it from functioning as intended. Bug fixes involve identifying the cause of the issue and implementing a solution to eliminate or mitigate the problem. Bug fixes help improve the stability, reliability, and overall performance of the software.

Quality of Life Improvement: This category encompasses enhancements made to improve the user experience, convenience, or usability of the software. Quality of life improvements often address minor issues or inconveniences that may not be classified as bugs but still have an impact on user satisfaction. These changes aim to streamline workflows, simplify tasks, enhance accessibility, or add user-requested features that enhance the overall user experience.

Deprecation: Deprecation refers to the process of phasing out or discontinuing certain features, functionalities, or components of the software. When a feature or functionality is deprecated, it means that it is no longer recommended for use and may be removed in future versions. Deprecation is typically accompanied by alternative solutions or recommended replacements to ensure a smooth transition for users.

New Feature: This category encompasses the introduction of significant enhancements, functionalities, or capabilities that were not previously available in the software. New features are additions that expand the software’s capabilities, introduce novel functionalities, or provide innovative solutions to meet user needs. These additions can be driven by user feedback, market trends, or the desire to stay competitive in the industry.

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Future Releases


eNewsletter Improvements

Scope of Change

Quality of Life Improvement

Improve the usability and functionality of the eNewsletter product.


Change Description

eNewsletters are getting a styling overhaul, with improvements across the board (both online and print).

To avoid overwriting each other’s work, we’ll be implementing a warning to let you know when someone else has the page open.Some minor functionality additions are also scheduled to make an appearance.