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We have found your service fantastic and very attentive. The Production team have been great as well. We can attest to your professional service and appreciate the dedication and assistance we have been provided in the transition from our non-digital format to the new Schoolzine platform.

Administration Officer, QLD Catholic College

I’m loving the new look of the newsletter and we are receiving quite a few positive feedbacks. Your team has been amazing with help and patience with me

Administration Officer, QLD Catholic Primary School

We love the look and versatility of the digital format, our feedback from parents has also been great. Your support staff and anyone that answered my call were above and beyond so helpful. We actually said “why didn’t we do this years ago

Administration Officer, QLD Catholic Primary School

Everything is progressing well and the transition to the new newsletter format has gone smoothly. Support when needed has been well received. So far we have had positive feedback from some staff members and Parents regarding the change of format and distribution of our Newsletter.

Administration Officer, QLD Distance Education School

I have only done the one newsletter so far, and surprisingly I found it very easy to understand the layout etc. I have had to call quite a few times though when it was time to get my newsletter out into the world!! But eventually with the help of your wonderful team, I did it. Obviously it’s still growing on me and I’m still learning the know-how of schoolzine, but I know I can rely on the help line when needed.

Administration Officer, QLD State High School

The team have been fantastic, very patient and very helpful – they made the whole process quite painless! Distribution was a smooth process, and the feedback that we have gotten from parents has all been amazingly positive. We are very happy with the whole process.

Administration Officer, QLD State School

The newsletter production was very easy to put together and it certainly looks fantastic. You have all been very helpful as we navigate our way to optimising your service to our needs.

Administration Officer, QLD State School

Purely from a newsletter-builder point of view, I have found the whole process of uploading and distributing the newsletter relatively easy to use/navigate. I write the term relatively as I haven’t used Schoolzine for a number of years and I need to re-familiarise myself with this. I’m sure that overtime, I will master the process and therefore can complete it in a more timely manner. I have found the phone support received from Schoolzine amazing. I have called them to ask even the smallest things and all staff on the other end of the phone have helped me to solve my queries. Again, overtime, I hope the number of phone calls I will make to Schoolzine will hopefully reduce as I gain more confidence navigating around the system, but it is definitely great to have the reassurance that the support is only a phone call away whenever I need it. Looking forward to working with Schoolzine in producing our newsletter for the rest of the year.

Administrative Secretary, QLD Catholic College

I can’t speak highly enough of your team. Each time I have rung the production team, admin or the phone support number the person on the other end of the line has, on every occasion assisted me in any way they could. I really had no idea what I was doing and have been guided by your team every step of the way.

Executive Officer, QLD State High School

Our first email went well, it was a lot easier then expected to put together and distribute. Help was excellent from the team when needed, they were very quick to respond and to call back and talk through the next stages.

Liaison Officer, QLD Early Learning Centre

I always find your staff exceptionally helpful, professional and friendly. Nothing but positive feedback from me you are all a pleasure to work with.

Marketing & Communications Officer, QLD State School

As a Principal I have used Schoolzine’s services across two schools, and have followed their constant evolution as a company, now expanding internationally. Schoolzine constantly impresses us at Unity College with their commitment to innovation and education, even taking on students for work experience at their head office. They are a company that understands the educational landscape and provide high level support and excellent service.

Principal, QLD Catholic College

My school newsletter is a key strategy in my goal of creating a positive community partnership. Schoolzine has enabled my school to replace the cost of producing paper-based newsletters, an enormous saving.

Principal, QLD Grammer School

The support and helpfulness I received from the Schoolzine Team was absolutely fabulous! From the very first phone call on training, to panicked phone calls, everyone was very professional, and helpful. It made the process very easy and stress free. Your staff are a pleasure to work with.

Teacher Aide, QLD State School

I think the newsletter service is great. Getting it ready for production was a learning curve but enjoyable. Very happy with the end result. I have had to call for help and they have always been very helpful and nothing was a problem for them. I find your webpage fairly easy to navigate and your team have given me tips on how to find and send things. I showed the principal the ‘stats’ on the administration page and she was impressed with the information being available.

Administration Officer, NSW Public School

The Newsletter looked great and we were all really happy with it and the end product. The process was smooth for the first newsletter and the help and assistance was great.

Administration Officer, NSW Public School

Our first newsletter looked great and we’ve had positive feedback from the school community. The support from your production team has been good, I’ve had numerous conversations about setting up and sending out, hopefully I’ll get more proficient with the process next year.

Administration Officer, NSW Public School

I am a little concerned that our first edition went so smoothly without any changes needed. I do not want to jinx it, but the whole system appeared seamless and your telephone/customer service staff have been wonderful and so helpful and patient.

Administration Officer, NSW Public School

Schoolzine has been absolutely amazing and so very patient with the help they have given me over the last couple of weeks. I am working for two schools and both schools have just launched the new app with schoolzine. Although I am familiar with the newsletter, I have had a lot to learn with the all the features Schoolzine offers. By the way, the app is fantastic! Every one of your staff members that I have annoyed with phone calls and emails lately have gone above and beyond to help me. I am very grateful to the Schoolzine team and give you guys nothing but praise with your customer service!

Community Liaison Officer, NSW Public School

The first newsletter went out successfully and the APP is coming along nicely. I can’t speak highly enough of your design and production team who were very helpful in the whole process.

Executive Assistant to the Principal, NSW Catholic College

Our Newsletter looks fantastic! We have had great feedback from teachers and parents. Your team has been absolutely wonderful and very patient with all my phone calls and questions.

Learning Support Assistants, NSW Catholic High School

We have been a customer of Schoolzine for a number of terms now and we have been really happy with Schoolzine’s customer service. The support we have received has been outstanding. We save time and money compared to our old newsletter process. The process is simple and producing the newsletter cuts clerical time significantly. Parents have been very happy with the newsletter. The newsletter adjusts to their devices and most parents read the newsletter on their mobile phones. They enjoy seeing the videos and many photos we are now able to add to the newsletter. Using the eNewsletter allows us flexibility to add a variety of elements that create an engaging and attractive means of communication. We were very happy with the setup process and the training Schoolzine gave at the start of the partnership. Their ongoing support and promptness to answer questions has been outstanding. I highly recommend Schoolzine to all schools needing a modern form of communication with parents.

Principal, NSW Catholic Primary School

Schoolzine’s customer service is great. Whenever I call or email the response is very speedy and all the staff at Schoolzine are very helpful. The finished product looks great. It is easy to email the link to our parents and is equally easy to push it out via our app and website. I like how I can DIY minor changes and the control I have using the Schoolzine Dashboard. Creating our newsletter is much easier using Schoolzine, the time saved using the Style Sheet is immense. Once you setup your own school template it’s just a matter of ‘copy and pasting’ the newsletter articles directly into the template and applying the style. I have created newsletters for 9 years and have been using Schoolzine for the past 18 months. It is much easier and the finished product is so much more professional and most importantly parents love it.

Principal, NSW High School

I felt very supported by your team and am looking forward to putting together the second one a little more efficiently and confidently. It looked great and our community love the language options. I’m looking forward to familiarising myself with some of the other functions too.

Principal, NSW Public School

So far we have been very pleased with the service that has been provided. Your staff have been more than willing to go through not only aspects of the newsletter, but also our SchoolZine website to edit and make use of other features, for example the calendar, etc. I’m sure I will be in contact with the production team again this week, as I am hoping to add some more features to our SchoolZine before our next newsletter. In terms of feedback, there hasn’t been any issues. Staff have been very prompt in returning phone calls and emails, and our Principal was very happy with the design of the newsletter. Thanks for getting in contact with us to see how it all went. We appreciate your ongoing support.

School Officer, NSW Public School

I love working with Schoolzine, the Platform is fabulous. Fantastic product. I previously worked at Youngtown Primary where I was first introduced to Schoolzine, so very happy when our school went to Schoolzine as well. The support team are brilliant.

Administration Clerk, TAS Primary School

We are all very pleased with the outcome of our first newsletter, and the support has been fantastic, cannot fault that side of the process. It is very easy to navigate and organise the template, and the upload process is very intuitive as well.

Administration Officer, TAS Catholic School

The production team have been extremely helpful with any queries that we have had. We have received lots of positive feedback from staff, students and parents. We all agree, the newsletter looks fabulous, is easy to read and was very simply to collate. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service, it is very much appreciated!

Administration Officer, TAS High School

We are really pleased with our first newsletter and thank all the staff at Schoolzine for their support and help. Everyone we have spoken to has been very helpful and answered our numerous questions in a professional manner, this has made the transition to Schoolzine a lot easier for us.

Administration Officer, TAS High School

I have found the whole experience well worthwhile and any question I had was answered and any changes we needed done were done fast! The whole experience was very professionally done and I am please with our result too, and as I understand it, we haven’t finished yet!

Administration Officer, TAS High School

We are extremely impressed and pleased with the Schoolzine newsletter! I am loving using it and have found the Schoolzine team to be everything and more in terms of support and patience and clear explanations etc etc. I will be highly recommending you!

Administration Officer, TAS Primary School

Support has been excellent and very timely in responding and assisting in our start up with schoolzine. Staff especially production team members have all been friendly and very helpful.

Administration Officer, TAS Primary School

The service and support has been fantastic. The staff are always cheery, patient and enthusiastic. They respond very promptly to email queries. It has been a pleasure liaising with them.

Administration Officer, TAS Primary School

This is an excellent product. The website and newsletter has a very professional finish. It is easy to navigate, there is always plenty of support if you need it and they are always looking for ways to improve their product and welcome any feedback you may have. You can’t really ask for more than that.

Business Manager, TAS High School

Everything is going great! Your team are super helpful and our community love the finished product! We are looking forward to using the app feature as well! I particularly love how easy it is to copy and paste all the data into the word document and the uploading process! Another feature we really like is being able to see the ratio of parents opening our emails!

ICT & Communications Officer, TAS Catholic College

Your user interface and online support (tutorials and chat session with the team) is fantastic. I am super impressed with how helpful your documents are and how supportive your team are.

Marketing & Communications, TAS Catholic College

We are loving our new newsletter! It is great not to have to spend ages each week typing, formatting, printing, folding etc etc. It’s also great to know that help is only a phone call or email away. As time goes on I am looking forward to utilising more of the great features Schoolzine offers.

School Administration Clerk, TAS Primary School

The Schoolzine Team have been fabulous to work with. We are all very pleased with the look of our newsletter and all the support that we have received.

School Business Manager, TAS Primary School

I am extremely happy with the help that has been provided to me whenever I have needed it regarding the school newsletter and even our webpage. I found it very easy to use and love using it.

Teacher Assistant, TAS High School

We are very happy with the newsletter it looks amazing and so professional so thank you. The support we receive when we do call regarding any issues is 100% helpful. We feel we can contact the Schoolzine team about any of our teething problems. Personally I am more than happy with our decision to go with Schoolzine our newsletter. It has all the information and looks so professional and all we do is collect information and send to yourselves to work your magic.

Administration Officer, NT Primary School

We have always been committed to providing quality learning, but to do that it is very important to be able to communicate in an effective way. With Schoolzine’s website, we could fully customise it just how we wanted it and the look of it is fantastic. They have been very friendly, helpful and would highly recommend their service to any school looking for a new professional website.

Principal, NT Primary School

Thank you to all the team for being so supportive in helping me with the process of preparing our 1st newsletter with Schoolzine. We thought it looked amazing and love how professional the online version is.

Administration Officer, VIC Grammar School

We were very happy with the final newsletter that we distributed and we have received some positive feedback from the College community. The professional and prompt support we received from the Production Team was greatly appreciated; nothing seemed too hard or difficult for them to fix on the spot.

Leadership Team Assistant, VIC Catholic Ladies’ College

Working with Schoolzine has been an effortless and affordable process. There is excellent and instant online support where people walk you through the answers to any queries and questions at any time of the day. We now have one platform to distribute an online newsletter, school app and website that is easy to use and provides a professional and effective communication tool for our school community. It has really helped organise our whole school’s information and halved the amount of time to distribute important messages to parents and the community.

Principal, VIC Catholic College

I have done my research and Schoolzine is the Rolls Royce of newsletter services.

IT Manager, WA Christian College

We’re really pleased with the Schoolzine newsletter. It looks great and we have received good feedback from our families. We’re also getting familiar with SZapp and hopefully a number of families will download this app. We have had amazing assistance and advice from the Production team and the Support team with regards to amendments for our first issue. I have thanked them individually but please pass on our thanks again to the teams involved. Everyone has been so polite and willing to help and answer questions and we have really appreciated this, especially their patience!

Marketing Officer, WA Catholic Primary School

All support from your departments have been great. Great shout out to your team for sending out the emergency app for me last week! We had a bomb hoax and I had to send out a message through the app so our parents are updated. Your team did a great job to do it for me on the fly, seeing I was standing in the middle of an oval across the road from the school.

School Officer, WA Education Support Centre

The newsletter was great. The staff helping with the first edition were fantastic. I was able to ring at any time and any of the team I spoke to were happy to help and gave clear, precise instructions.

School Officer, WA Primary School

I have been really impressed with Schoolzine and love using the newsletter feature. It has saved not only time and paper in producing our newsletter, but saved our sanity as well. It is a very user friendly system that is easy to navigate and understand, which is important for a beginner such as I am. The feature that I have found the most useful are the amazing quick links that have details explanations on how to produce, prepare, upload and proof the newsletter. These links have saved me from calling the help desk and sending them crazy. Thank you for giving me the tools to be confident in my abilities and be able to produce a quality newsletter with ease.

Senior School Officer, WA Community College

I am finding the Newsletter process very easy it is such a user friendly process and I find that creating the Newsletter doesn’t take too much time at all. The support that I received for the first run was excellent. I did have a few questions so I was utilising your staff a fair bit.

Secretary, SA High School

What our organisations say

I have been blown away by what Schoolzine has accomplished so far and I look forward to seeing stronger parent teacher communication in Australian schools.

Andrew Smith
CEO, 3P Learning Australia

The Federation of Parents and Friends in Catholic Schools Queensland has been working with Schoolzine for the past nine years. During this time we have assisted Schoolzine in turning an idea into a platform. One that specifically meets the needs of schools. Education departments all over the world are building complex cloud based portals and administration systems but they have not been able to solve the challenge of parent engagement to the extent that Schoolzine does. The issue of how to effectively communicate and engage parents of school aged children is a global challenge but one that has great benefits to our children if achieved. Schoolzine is uniquely placed in the education sector and in my opinion is another example of a home grown Australian company with a global opportunity. Schoolzine has shown itself to not only be a regional employer of youth but a company committed to providing work experience and internships to students looking to gain experience before entering the workforce. Our Federation will continue to assist Schoolzine in their growth, including introductions to our network overseas.

Carmel Nash Executive Director
The Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland

We are excited to be part of schoolzine and are working to increase our newsletter content in the up coming months. Your support has be absolutely excellent.

Communications & Video Team
OneSchool Global Ltd

One of our goals at the Queensland College of Teachers is to communicate better with our teachers, other stakeholders and the wider public. Our eNewsletters are designed, formatted and distributed by Schoolzine for 100,000 registered teachers. Schoolzine’s efficient delivery through their contemporary mediums helps keep us relevant. I commend the Schoolzine team on their willingness and ability to help us communicate in a more effective and engaging way.

John Ryan
Director, Queensland College of Teachers (QCT)

We distribute our eNewsletters and communication using the DIY newsletter portal. Schoolzine has made the publishing of a first class newsletter easy. Communication to our 500 school Principals is paramount.The staff are friendly and helpful and are contactable at almost any time, any issues I have had were solved immediately. Workflow is excellent and this helps me to meet my deadlines. The whole Schoolzine partnership has been extremely positive and our members have been impressed by the quality and presentation of the newsletter. Most recently we have signed up for Schoolzine to host our website and this has gone very smoothly and using the website and adding items has become extremely easy. I have no hesitation recommending Schoolzine and encourage school leaders to contact them and see how easy it is.

Julie King
Executive Officer, Association of Catholic School Principals in NSW

The Waikato Principal’s Association has been using Schoolzine to publish its weekly newsletter for over a year. School leaders love being able to receive the newsletter on their computer or on a mobile device; they can read it anywhere, at a time that suits them. Schoolzine is a very professional company to work with.

Pat Poland
Communications Officer, Waikato Principal’s Association (WPA)

The Australian Catholic Primary Principals’ Association is the peak national body for leaders in Catholic Primary Schools across Australia. We are currently working with Schoolzine to build and develop our communications platform with all our members. Schoolzine has assisted us to create our new interactive website, newsletters and streamzine, which they have done with great enthusiasm and diligence. Staff always check in to see if everything is going well and more importantly they ensure the product we receive meets our needs.

Paul Colyer Executive Officer
Australian Catholic Primary Principals’ Association (ACPPA)

We not only save time, but have a vastly superior newsletter which is emailed instantaneously. Just brilliant!

Phil Seymour
President of New South Wales Primary Principals Association (NSWPPA)

We are very happy with our first edition of our QASEL newsletter thank you! Thanks to the Schoolzine team for ensuring it went out on time. I have received emailed positive feedback already, although I believe many may not have necessarily opened it yet before end of the last busy day!

Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders (QASEL)

Schoolzine has allowed the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) to effectively and professionally engage with our members. The quality and presentation of each newsletter is faultless and praised by ASPA’s members, all we have to do is supply the content. I have no hesitation recommending Schoolzine to educational organisations and school leaders.

Rob Nairn
Executive Director, Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA)

Schoolzine is an excellent team to work with, no matter who you speak to you receive the same level of professional service and support. The Schoolzine team is easy to talk to, professional, friendly and provide prompt follow ups. No question or request is ever an issue.

Tamara Clark
Business Manager, Tasmanian Principals Association (TPA)

What our partners say

Hooray… school news online!!! Well done. I really like the idea that friends and family can subscribe too as part of our family (dad) is working overseas and many families like ours are in a Fly in Fly out work situation. Perhaps some of your wonderful computer students can have some input to take a bit of the time consuming work from the staff.

Jenny S
John Curtin COTA

Being able to read my son’s newsletter on my phone is great and the fact the picture galleries and videos work is amazing. I can’t wait for the next edition.

Kath Massey
Unity College

What our supporters say

Thank you for your support of the RSPCA. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.


Top Shots Fun Park is an amusement park located on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. We ran an advertisement across selected Sunshine Coast schools with a special offer for students and parents. After working with Schoolzine’s talented Sales and Design team, we had a huge response. We received a great number of direct enquiries from the ad, from both new and old customers reconnecting. Money well spent!

Barry H
Top Shots! Fun Park

Always Interactive has been advertising with Schoolzine now since 2009. Being able to target the parents of small to medium businesses within a 20 km radius has greatly benefitted our brand. Being an online medium makes it a cost effective and highly measurable form of marketing and we would recommend this avenue to anyone looking for alternative to print media. The Schoolzine team also set a benchmark for great customer service.

Billy B
Always Interactive

Schoolzine really helped us directly connect with teachers, parents and grandparents who are part of local schooling communities. These are a really important markets for us at The Events Centre and the team at Schoolzine made this relationship stronger. The system is self-manageable and so easy to use. I have no hesitation on recommending Schoolzine to any business.

Emma P
Caloundra Events Centre

Since opening our front doors last year, we now have close to 150 members who make up the parents, teachers and students of the local schools, which is a clear indication that Schoolzine is a fantastic method of local advertising to target and further develop future business opportunities.

Franchise Owner
Snap Fitness Kenmore

Our business targets home based business owners and before we used Schoolzine we were ringing each individual school asking to place advertising in each of their newsletters. This was so time consuming that we stopped using it as part of our promotions. As a result we struggled to find participants on the Sunshine Coast who were interested in attending our Social media workshops. We decided to talk with Schoolzine and Phil helped us to work out the right content and graphics to capture our target audience. We ran one series of advertising and achieved our highest number of attendees to a single workshop.

Jakki G
Owner, Cre8you

Schoolzine’s response to my initial enquiry was professional, informative and followed up by the same person throughout my entire business with Schoolzine. I felt I had individual attention and Dion was always available and happy to help when I had any questions. The advertising system is easy to use and effective and I have no hesitation in recommending Schoolzine to any business looking for advertising solutions that reach out to parents.

Kia G
Neo Photo Studio

The whole team at Schoolzine were very helpful when it came time to decide if I wanted to have an advertisement in Varsity College’s School eNewsletter. They also always kept me in mind when new spots became available with other Schools. They are prompt with their communication and always look out for my best interests. I believe it is a great way of advertising and have no problems with recommending it to friends and colleagues.

Tina Nedanic
Ray White Robina

I know as a busy mum a digital newsletter that you can read on your mobile phone is a much better solution, and I love the fact that Schoolzine are philanthropic in their approach and that schools can use its introduction as a fundraising mechanism.I know as a busy mum a digital newsletter that you can read on your mobile phone is a much better solution, and I love the fact that Schoolzine are philanthropic in their approach and that schools can use its introduction as a fundraising mechanism.

Yvette Adams
Director The Creative Collective