Advertising that gains exposure for your business

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Reach your target market

Reach your target market

Schoolzine manages advertising in school newsletters for thousands of schools across Australia and New Zealand. Our newsletters receive millions of views per year from parents, students and other community members. 

Whether you are a small business with a local focus, or a national brand looking to reach parents nationwide, Schoolzine can help.

Advertising spaces are available in three sizes, ensuring an option for budgets of all sizes. Supply your own artwork, or let Schoolzine provide you with a complimentary Ad design.

Strong brand association with schools place your business in high regard within the community, lending to your brand credibility and esteem.

Intimate Advertising

Schoolzine is helping schools thrive in the digital age.

Included in the long list of features available to schools, Schoolzine provides a Mobile App (SZapp) – allowing eNewsletters to be viewed by parents anywhere, anytime on their mobile device.

Every advertisement package with Schoolzine ensures placement onto our mobile app. This brings your company straight into the pockets of your customers.

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Advertising Metrics

Impressions are virtual ‘views’, one impression is recorded each time an Ad is served to a device. A high number of impressions means more eyes on your Ads.

Brand Awareness is a metric which can be more difficult to measure. Brand Awareness is a key factor for businesses that offer an on occasion service (such as Real Estate and Doctors). Readers may not require your services at the time they see your Ad, but having your Ad visible to them reinforces your brand for when they do. Associating your brand with local schools is also an excellent way to improve, or solidify, your standing within the parent community.