Schoolzine is excited about the opportunity to partner with the Sioux City Diocese and offer website and communication tools to your school. Schoolzine has been partnering with schools worldwide for 15 years. We are passionate about education, technology, and the support we provide to our schools. For us, support is just as important as the product. Below is some information about our products. We look forward to seeing everyone on June 6th and 7th.

Schoolzine eNews Builder

Use our platform to take the headache out of formatting the newsletter. Send out mobile friendly, interactive eNewsletters that are bursting with relevant information about your students and school.

Find out more about Schoolzine’s eNewsletters by clicking the links below or viewing the video.

Schoolzine Websites

Schoolzine offers schools a professional, cost effective, user friendly, integrated website solution. Schoolzine’s websites come in a variety of packages allowing you to have a website created based on the needs and resources at your disposal.

Find out more about Schoolzine’s Website solution by clicking the link below or viewing the video. If you’d like to book in a demonstration with our team please use the link below:

SZAPP – School Mobile Communication App

SZapp is a mobile app that’s free for parents to download. SZapp allows your school to send free push notifications to your parents at any time.

Find out more about SZapp – School Mobile Communication App by clicking the link below or viewing the video. If you’d like to book in a demonstration with our team please use the link below:

Session Keeper

Do you require an online bookings or interview management system? Have you considered Session Keeper?

Session Keeper is an online booking solution that can integrate with your existing Schoolzine services for seamless communication and contact management. Host and manage unlimited booking sessions at multiple locations whilst having them accessible to your community from their PC or supported mobile device at any time. Community access allows them to book and view their appointments, or staff and admin can book on their behalf.

Click the link below to get more information, or to contact the Schoolzine Team to arrange a demonstration.

School Calendar

Our desktop and mobile-friendly solution provides parents with the ability to filter events by year or groups and easily sync the events that are important to them with just one click. Our calendar allows you to add event details, RSVP, payment links, and secure staff calendars. There is seamless integration between Schoolzine eNewsletter, websites, and the mobile app.

eForm Builder

Interactive and customisable forms for absentees, enrolments, sign-ups, excursions and more. 

Create unlimited online forms with any Schoolzine subcription. Forms are responsive to screen-size and can be easily completed on any modern device.

Build simple forms to gauge community sentiment or complex forms for things such as permission slips. 

Responses are private and are collated or exported from your Control Centre. Include digital signatures for greater security.

Diocese of Sioux City – Expression of Interest

Schools can be similar but also very different at the same time, so our goal is to tailor solutions that fit your needs. To help us with this, it would be great to know which products you are interested in. All products will be supplied free of charge for the first 12 months. After this period, Schoolzine will work with the Sioux City Diocese to establish a sustainable pricing structure that caters to the needs of all schools.