What does Schoolzine do?

Schoolzine is a Parent Engagement Platform that transforms the way you communicate and engage with parents. We offer a range of services including a tailored mobile app (SZapp), mobile friendly newsletters and news feeds, parents evening booking system and websites. Included in our services are some fantastic features; unlimited mobile friendly content, a dynamic calendar, spot polls, surveys and eForms with digital signatures.

How do Schoolzine protect the privacy of information of the school and parents?

Your information is kept in a secure segregated database on our server. It remains your intellectual property. We will never sell or use your contact details for anything other than the delivery of your school newsletter, unless you ask or instruct us to do so.

What commitment does Schoolzine need from the school?

We have separated our platform into 5 main products so that you do not find yourself paying for things you do not need.

  • mobile app (SZapp),
  • eNewsletter builder,
  • Live News Streams,
  • parents evening booking system
  • websites

Each products works under a 12 month subscription.

How much, and what kind of content can we include?

There is no limit on the amount of content you can include. Schoolzine newsletters can include text, full colour photographs, galleries, videos, forms with digital signatures, surveys, polls, registrations and links.

We already produce our own school newsletter in-house — why involve Schoolzine?

Basically you will build it faster, it will look more professional and you can use your imagination to create what ever content you like.

What if parents prefer a hard copy?

We provide you a printable version of the newsletter, which offers the option to anyone who requires it.

Who owns the content once provided to Schoolzine?

The content including text, images, videos and PDFs provided for the production of the newsletters remains the property of the contributor.

Why use email to deliver newsletters?

You can have the confidence that emailed newsletters will reach home and not get lost along the way in a school bag. We provide you with reports to show statistics such as open rates, bounces and unsubscribes.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’re looking for specific information and haven’t been able to find it here, please contact us at the office.