Stay Connected: 8 Ideas for School Newsletter Content Over the Break

As the summer holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to engage with your school community through your School Newsletters. While textbooks hibernate and classrooms rest, there’s no reason for your virtual presence to be silenced.

While newsletters are typically used for communication and connecting with your local communities throughout the school year, you can create and schedule a holiday edition to go out during the break. This communication serves as an excellent avenue to sustain connections, share exciting updates, and keep the school spirit alive during the summer holidays. Here are some creative and engaging ideas for school newsletter content during the holiday period.


1. Spotlight on Student Adventures

The school holidays bring excitement, yet finding engaging activities for kids can be challenging. Alleviate the pressure on parents and foster a stronger sense of community by highlighting the diverse experiences of your students during the break. Create sections in your Newsletter to encourage parents to share their adventures, whether it’s a family vacation, kid-friendly activity, or a creative craft project.

2. Alumni Success Stories

While your current students enjoy a break, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the exciting endeavours of your accomplished alumni. Featuring past student success stories help position your school as a destination for high-achieving students and will also give alums a little exposure in return. Initiate contact with former students and invite them to share updates on their current activities and achievements.

3. Engaging Challenges

Maintain the interest of your audience by incorporating interactive challenges into your engagement strategy. Whether it’s a photo contest, a trivia quiz, or a creative art challenge, these activities have the potential to spark excitement and foster active participation. Consider offering small prizes or shoutouts for the best submissions to elevates the fun factor but also encourages a higher level of engagement from your audience.

4. Behind-the-Scenes at School

Deepen your connection with your audience by providing exclusive insights into the inner workings of the school’s day-to-day operations. Delve into the daily routine with teacher interviews, highlight the behind-the-scenes efforts of the maintenance staff as they prepare the campus for the upcoming term, and offer sneak peeks into various ongoing projects. This not only offers an insider’s view of the school but also humanises the institution, allowing your audience to appreciate the concerted efforts and diverse personalities that contribute to the vibrant life of the school community.

5. Educational Resources

Empower students to continue their intellectual journey even during the break by sharing educational content in your Newsletters. Provide recommendations for books, documentaries, or online courses that align with their individual interests and passions. Inspire a two-way exchange of ideas by encouraging students to share their own recommendations, fostering a collaborative environment for community learning. This not only keeps their minds engaged but also creates a dynamic space where knowledge is shared, and diverse interests are celebrated within the school community.

6. Year in Review

Take a moment to reflect on the significant highlights and notable achievements of the past year. Craft a visually engaging video or photo gallery that showcases key moments, memorable events, and outstanding accomplishments. This creative endeavour not only celebrates the collaborative efforts of the entire school community but also serves as a powerful and positive reminder of the school year’s triumphs. By visually showcasing the journey, you not only honour the shared successes but also create a lasting memento that captures the spirit and resilience of the school community throughout the year.

7. Ask for Input

Strengthen the bonds within your community by actively seeking input on upcoming events, improvements, or activities. Craft polls or surveys designed to gather valuable opinions and insights regarding potential changes or initiatives for the upcoming school term. This proactive approach not only engages your audience but also instils a sense of value and importance among the participants, as they recognise their opinions contribute to shaping the future direction of the school. By fostering a collaborative decision-making process, you not only enhance community engagement but also create a more inclusive and responsive environment within the school community.

8. Express Gratitude

Pause to extend gratitude and thanks to the students, parents, teachers, staff, and the wider community for their contributions and support throughout the year. Consider conveying your appreciation through a written message from the principal in your newsletter or a thoughtfully curated video. By acknowledging the collective efforts and dedication, you not only express gratitude but also create a meaningful connection that fosters a sense of unity within the school community. Taking the time to recognise and thank each segment of the community reinforces a culture of appreciation and collaboration, strengthening the ties that bind everyone together.

Incorporating these ideas into your school holiday Newsletter strategy goes beyond mere engagement – it strengthens the bonds that make your school a vibrant and supportive learning environment. By maintaining an active presence, you can ensure that the school spirit remains alive even when the classrooms are empty. So, get creative, stay connected, and make the most of the break to build a stronger and more cohesive school community.

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