Images Uploaded as Wrong Orientation

Images contain certain background information known as Meta-Data that control varying aspects of the image, such as Size, Rotation, Preview Text, etc. Both your Desktop Computer and online platforms such as the Schoolzine Control Centre can interpret this background Meta-Data in different ways. This can lead to images being the correct orientation on your desktop computer but display incorrectly once uploaded online.

How can I resolve this?

You can use the Schoolzine Image Resizer to reset the Meta-Data of your images. Simply make sure they are the correct orientation on your Desktop Computer, then run them through the Schoolzine Image Resizer. Even if your images have been resized previously, this will reset the Meta-Data to the correct Orientation.

If you do not have the Schoolzine Image Resizer, please download from the Knowledge Base.

I have used the Schoolzine Resizer to reset the Meta-Data, but the images are still the wrong orientation.

Occasionally the Meta-Data can be locked onto the image and the Schoolzine Image Resizer is unable to reset it correctly. To resolve this you can follow the below steps:

  • Add the image into some sort of image editing software
    (ie Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, etc)
  • Rotate the image to the incorrect orientation
  • Save the image
  • Rotate the image back to the correct orientation
  • Save the image

This should Hard Reset the Meta-Data on the Image and set the Orientation to the Correct Orientation.

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