Website Users Agreement

The following is a summary of the expectations and understandings of the Schoolzine website customer and Schoolzine. Further explanation on any unknown terms or processes can be found within the websites terms of service agreed to when your organisation initially signed the Schoolzine commencement form.

Project Commencement: Commencement of the build of your site will not occur until the following conditions are met:Payment for the website has been received by SchoolzineA completed Authorised Representatives form has been received by SchoolzineInitial design and branding items and completed Website Pages Document received by Schoolzine
Content Submission: Schoolzine will setup and populate content and feedback provided by you, based off of allotment of content submissions from your package. Content and feedback must be submitted through the Content Submission form.
Pages: Schoolzine will produce up to the number of webpages included in your package. Additional pages will be charged at $44/per page.
SEO and SEM: Schoolzine will register your site to Google Search Console and submit the required information such as an XML sitemap and robots.txt files. Other SEO actions are outside all Schoolzine website packages. We make no guarantee on your search engine rankings.
Turnaround times and Deadlines: System updates and template updates require the work to be built and uploaded within our regularly scheduled system maintenance periods. This may at times affect the turn-around time of these types of requests. Any timeframes stated during the sale process are estimations and a guide to the amount of time the site may take. You are also bound by dates if they are set. Failure to produce requested content, without significant lead time to deadline, will result in those deadlines being pushed back. Schoolzine reserves the right to allot the content and feedback lead time required for all deadlines based off the size of the request.
Authorised Representatives: All representatives of your organisation who will be supplying content and feedback directly to Schoolzine, are required to read this Website User Agreement in its entirety, understand the Website Terms of Service and sign the Authorised Representatives form, which will be provided after signing up for Schoolzine’s website product.


Last Updated: 25/05/2020