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Website Features

Websites Websites

All products and features have come from school feedback. We thank all our schools for this guidance and we will continue to listen.

  • Custom-built, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Social media and Schoolzine App (SZapp) integration
  • Custom eForm integration
  • Automated Schoolzine eNewsletter archive or upload your own
  • Create an unlimited number of pages. Easily add text, pictures and HD video.
  • Compliance with accessibility and Education Department standards
  • Ongoing training and support with our famous hand-holding policy
  • Maintenance agreements to support your school’s staff requirements
  • GDPR Compliant
Learn more about our website packages and see examples of templates and custom designs.
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Features Overview

Control centre

Build, publish and communicate all from one central login. All Schoolzine products are managed through one easy to use Control Centre. Enjoy seamless integration across all our products.

Live news Stream

Publish articles to a Live News Stream on your website or parent portal.

Schoolzine Calendar

A mobile friendly solution gives parents the ability to filter by year or groups, then sync the events that are important to them with one click. With options to add RSVP, payment links and secured staff calendars, your school has complete flexibility.

Custom eforms with digital signatures

Interactive and customisable forms for absentees, enrolments, sign-ups, excursions and more. Include digital signatures for greater security.

Photo Galleries and Videos

Don’t get stuck having to choose only a couple of images to show parents, display as many images as you want with mobile responsive galleries and video display.

Google Translate

Translate your eNewsletters, web pages, eForms and app notifications into over 100 languages at the click of a button.

Social media Integration

Gain maximum coverage of your newsletter by linking your newsletter distributions to your major social networking profiles. Also vice versa, show your social media feeds across the Schoolzine platform.


Training and support for your entire team.

A solution to fit your needs

Schoolzine offers schools a professional, cost effective, user friendly, integrated website solution that can help your website become government compliant. Your website will be customised to your school’s requirements as part of our set up process. Schoolzine’s websites come in a variety of packages allowing you to have a website created based on the needs and resources at your disposal.

  • Design – It should look professional
  • Simplicity – It should be easy for your school to update
  • Support – Should be unlimited and free

The ease at which a school can update their own website is just as important as the initial design. The support that follows is critical.

School websites are marketing tools and not communication tools. This is why a Schoolzine website seamlessly interoperates with our communication tools, to reduce workload while keeping the appearance of an up-to-date website.


Integration between systems

The ability for a Schoolzine website to integrate with the other products within the platform gives us the edge over other content management systems in the market place. Information can be automatically pushed to your website from other Schoolzine products, removing duplication of effort.

Accessibility and departmental standards

Our website templates comply with global accessibility standards, allowing those with vision impairments to view the websites with ease. Our websites can also be customised to meet individual requirements of government bodies.

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School Testimonials

"I love working with Schoolzine, the Platform is fabulous. Fantastic product. I previously worked at Youngtown Primary where I was first introduced to Schoolzine, so very happy when our school went to Schoolzine as well. The support team are brilliant."

Administration Clerk
TAS Primary School

"I am a little concerned that our first edition went so smoothly without any changes needed. I do not want to jinx it, but the whole system appeared seamless and your telephone/customer service staff have been wonderful and so helpful and patient."

Administration Officer
NSW Public School

"We have found your service fantastic and very attentive. The Production team have been great as well. We can attest to your professional service and appreciate the dedication and assistance we have been provided in the transition from our non-digital format to the new Schoolzine platform."

Administration Officer
QLD Catholic College

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