Adding Articles to the Website Slider

The Blueprint templates offer the ability to add new kinds of content to the Website Slider at the top of your website’s pages, such as articles from your newsletter. Displaying a feature article on your website home page is a great way to get people interested in reading the newsletter, and to prominently display important information.

To add an article to the Website Slider, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Control Centre and select the Content tab.
  2. Once expanded, select Articles.
  3. Search for the article you would like to link using the search bar or select the New Article button to start fresh.
  4. If you are linking an existing article, select the Title of the article.
  5. Select the Edit Article button.
  6. Apply the Web Article tag in the Tags field.
    Note: Make sure your article is linked to a Stream, otherwise it will not display.
  7. Click Save.

The process of adding a Slider Article

Handy Hints

To keep your website looking professional, we recommend that the following article fields are filled in:

  • Title: Heading of the article.
  • Article Content: The content that displays on the page once you’ve clicked the Read On button on the Website Slider.
  • Article Summary: This content will be visible from the Website Slider and can be used to summarise what the article is about before it is clicked.
  • Supporting Files: The Feature Image will display as the background for that slide.
    Note: The dimensions for this section are 1903px – 500px.

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