Adding Authorised Email Senders

Setting up a Custom Email Sending Domain

A sending domain is used to indicate who an email is originating from via the “From:” header. This can be used to send communications from your own personal domain rather than the Schoolzine domain. If you would like to setup a Custom Sending Domain, please ensure that you have access to adjust settings within your DNS (such as TXT and SPF records). Once you have confirmed this, please reach us on to be provided with the relevant information.

Please note that a cost is associated.

Authorised Senders

Accounts that have a Custom Sending Domain enabled have the ability to add and authorise any address that is hosted on their domain! For example, if you have set up a Custom Sending Domain for, then you can authorise,, etc.

1. Login to the Control Centre

2. Select ‘Communicate’ from the left-hand panel

3. Once open, select ‘New Message’

4. Select the ‘Email’ channel and click Next

5. Adjust the ‘Message Name’ and click Next

6. Remove the default address shown in the ‘From Email’ field and add the desired address

Field used to authorize an email address

7. Click ‘Authorise an Email’ then ‘Submit’

Field to authorise an email address

8. The nominated email address will receive an email asking them to authorise their address, click on the URL (web address) in this email to validate the address

9. The address will now be visible in the list when clicking the ‘Show Authorised’ button.

A list of authorised senders

Note: If the email is responded to by a recipient, the response will be sent to the sender’s email address.

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