Create a winning school communications plan in 2024  

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As we step into a new year, it’s the perfect time to reassess your school’s communication strategies and embrace new ways to foster a strong school community, keep families engaged and improve student outcomes. A well-thought-out communication plan not only keeps parents informed but also plays a pivotal role in building a happy and engaged school environment.

SZapp: Is it right for your school?

Schools face declining engagement rates in today’s digital age, with crucial messages often lost among digital noise. SZapp, a robust school app, aims to bridge this gap by providing a centralised hub for parents to access essential information securely and conveniently. With features such as encrypted data and GDPR compliance, this school app streamlines communication, ensuring a connected and engaged school community.

7 Signs it’s Time to Update your School Website

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Is your school website showing signs of age? If comparing it to others leaves you sensing outdatedness, it’s likely time for a makeover. Consider your website as a storefront—forming opinions in just 0.05 seconds, it’s crucial for parent impressions and your brand. If your site isn’t responsive, lacks a content management system, struggles with integration, has a high bounce rate, ineffective data collection, tired design, or suboptimal hosting, it’s a clear sign your school is in need of website redevelopment.

Stay Connected: 8 Ideas for School Newsletter Content Over the Break

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As summer approaches, it’s so important to ensure you are actively engaging with your school community. An effective way to do this is through School Newsletters, ensuring your virtual presence doesn’t fade away when classrooms take a break. Foster connections with engaging content, from spotlighting student adventures and alumni success stories, to offering exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, sharing educational resources, reflecting on the year, seeking community input, and expressing gratitude. Transform your newsletter into a powerful tool for building a vibrant and cohesive school community even during the holiday break.

7 Features Every School Website Must Have

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A school’s online presence carries as much importance as its physical one. Your school’s website, subject to quick judgments, must engage visitors swiftly to avoid losing them. A good school website, acting as a powerful tool, should integrate essential features like a school calendar, a warm welcome from the principal, a comprehensive FAQ section, a vibrant school newsletter, a user-friendly contact form, a secure and responsive design, and up-to-date content with a strong communication strategy to foster effective engagement and community building. Explore how our team can help you create a professional and easily updated school website.

Group Chats in Schools: Effectively Manage Your School Communications

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Online group chats have managed to seamlessly integrate into our lives, serving as efficient tools for coordinating family gatherings, planning trips, and collaborating on work projects. Now infiltrating schools, these chats facilitate instant communication, resource sharing, and in some cases parent-teacher interaction. However, with their rise comes the risk of negativity, privacy concerns, and information overload. To effectively manage school communication and minimise disruptions, consider utilising a Student Management System and a well-crafted newsletter, fostering a structured and transparent environment that promotes collective engagement and shared achievements within the school community.

Session Keeper Availability Statuses

Session Keeper Availability Statuses The organisation of your bookings is key. We’re aware that teaching is a busy profession and in the session keeper platform we’ve simplified the booking management aspect for your ease of mine. Within the session keeper platform there are 5 statuses you can assign to your bookings: Available Unavailable Booked Cancelled […]

7 School Newsletter Mistakes You Could Be Making

School newsletters are a vital communication tool, connecting schools with parents, students, and the community at large. To make the most of this, it’s essential to ensure your newsletters are engaging, informative, and user-friendly. A well-crafted school newsletter can significantly improve communication between your school and its community. By avoiding these common mistakes and utilising Schoolzine’s eNewsletter template platform, you can create newsletters that are not only informative but also engaging and accessible.

12 Content Ideas to Keep Your School Community Engaged

Your school newsletter is a vital tool for connecting with your students, parents, and even alumni. It serves as the cornerstone of communication within your educational community, fostering relationships and keeping everyone informed. However, at times finding engaging content can be a challenge. But fear not, there’s always something interesting to share! In this article, […]


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