Session Keeper Availability Statuses

Session Keeper Availability Statuses

The organisation of your bookings is key. We’re aware that teaching is a busy profession and in the session keeper platform we’ve simplified the booking management aspect for your ease of mine.

Within the session keeper platform there are 5 statuses you can assign to your bookings:

  • Available
  • Unavailable
  • Booked
  • Cancelled
  • Locked

For a more detailed insight into the full booking management suite check out:

Managing Your Bookings Guide for Staff


When a session is available, this means parents and carers are able to book for this time slot and finalize a session. You are able to review these and alter these via the Schoolzine control centre or alternatively, if you have the “Availability Management” option enabled for the session, individual staff can log in and adjust this via the Session Keeper Staff portal.


Unavailable defines time slots that have been marked as not open for bookings. Unavailable time slots cannot be booked by the parents until manually reactivated by a System User – Admin via the Schoolzine control centre or if the “Availability Management” option is ticked in the Sessions Settings allowing individual staff to manually adjust this.


Booked sessions are for finalized bookings completed by the parent/guardian or manually added by a staff member.


Cancelled bookings define previously booked sessions that have been cancelled. Bookings can be cancelled by pressing the red X next to the booked session or via the Staff Portal. The timeslot of the cancelled booking will automatically be made available. Parents will receive a confirmation email once a session has been cancelled.


Locked time slots refer to a user who has begun the process of a booking but has not yet finalized. These slots are automatically unlocked if the user after 1 hour or done by a system user by pressing the red X icon

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