Keep your Account Secure

Schoolzine would like to remind you to always be vigilant with the security of your Schoolzine user accounts. In order to keep your Schoolzine Account secure we have assembled some tips below for you to peruse.


Make sure you use strong, unique and different passwords to other personal accounts, (such as email accounts, social media, or even bank accounts.) A single compromised account could lead to someone with malicious intention gaining access to ALL of your accounts. Organisations such as the Center for Internet Security suggest the use of ‘passphrases’ rather than conventional passwords.

Your Schoolzine Password must contain:
– At least 8 Characters
– A combination of letters and numbers
– At least one special character (e.g.: !@#$%&)

Sharing and Storing of Credentials

Ensure that you are not sharing your Schoolzine User with anyone else. You must have an individual user, and must not transfer ownership of this account to anyone else. Make sure that you do not store passwords written in easy to find locations such as sticky notes, or store credentials within documents on your computer.

This is also covered in the Schoolzine Terms and Conditions listed below:

Compromised Accounts

Should you under any circumstances believe that your account has been compromised, we recommend changing your password immediately, before consulting your IT Department and Schoolzine.

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