DIY eNewsletters

We are constantly working with schools to refine and update the DIY eNews process to make it easier and efficient to construct and send your newsletter out, with minimal adjusting of your supplied content.

PDF Flyers:

You now have the ability to upload and embed PDF flyers directly into your content via an inbuild PDF viewer in one easy step. This avoids the need to convert your flyers to an image if you would like for them to display for your community whilst still allowing the options for downloading or printing, straight from your newsletter.

This feature is available from the Insert menu, or simply right click in the content window and select ‘PDF Flyer’.

WISTIA embed capability:

We have now improved the video embedding functionality for both Youtube and Vimeo, as well as supporting WISTIA videos. Simply use the insert menu, or the icon in the menu ribbon, or right click in the content window and select Video. You can now paste the embed code for your WISTIA video in the ‘Embed Code’ section to place your responsive video content where you require, without navigating through your HTML code.

Improved WYSIWYG / Content Window

We are constantly refining the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) to make the most relevant options available for constructing your newsletter content. See below overview of the latest updates:

  • Content Window Ribbon – Maintaining of the most common formatting options, whilst stripping back advanced options, to make formatting your newsletter content quick and easy.
  • Edit Menu – Undo, Redo, Select All, and Find and Replace options.
  • Insert Menu – Improved options for Inserting of Media content such as Images, Galleries, Videos, PDF Flyers and Link Buttons, whilst also including Special Elements for additional formatting.
  • Updated Table Styles – Improved table default styles and formatting options.

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