Creating a Web Page

A Web Page is an online page that can be used to either store information created in the Schoolzine Control Centre, or be linked through to external pages or websites. Web Pages can then be linked to your Schoolzine Website, SZapp, Newsletter or simply sent to your readers as a link they can bookmark on their computer.

The below process will assist you in creating your own Web Page.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Content menu tab
  2. Once expanded, select Web Pages
  3. Select the New Page
  4. Fill in your Page Title and Page Heading
  5. Leave the Status as Active and the Menu Display as Visible to display the Web Page
  6. Leave the Page Type as New Page
  7. The URL field will create a URL (web address) based off of the Page Title.
    Note: General practice rules apply for URLs (web addresses). Please read the General URL (web address) Rules article if you wish to make changes to the URL (web address)

What is the difference between the Page Title and the Page Heading?

Page Title is the name the page will be listed under in the Schoolzine Control Centre, while the Page Heading will be the heading used for your Web Page online.

In Newer Website Packages, the Page Heading field does not see use, however be aware that some Website Packages will cause the Page Heading to Display at the top of your Web Page

Please note: It is recommended that you keep the Title and Heading the same however, as it can make locating your Web Page in the Control Centre more difficult if these items do not match up (e.g Searching for the Heading of Canteen, when the Title of the page is Tuckshop)

What are the different Page Types?

New Page: This option creates a new Schoolzine Web Page. This allows you to link content created within Schoolzine to your page and display it accordingly. This is the most commonly used option for a Schoolzine Website

Link: This option allows you to link an external Web Page link to your Website. Allowing members to click on this option and be taken to an external resource, such as a Payment Gateway, or a Parent Portal.

Container: This option will remove the URL and ability to click on the Web Page, so it can be used as a Drop Down Menu on your Website Menu Navigation.

Menu Settings – Tags


The Tag field is used to control where the Web Page is going to display. You can apply any of the tags below:

  • side-menu and top-menu
    These Tags allow the Web Page to display on the Newsletter Top and Side Menus
  • website-top-menu
    This Tag allows the Web Page to display on the Website Main Navigation
  • app
    This Tag allows the Web Page to display as a SZapp Tile on the SZapp Mobile App

Menu Settings – Menu Sub Navigation

To make a Web Page display as part of a Drop Down List in your Website Main Navigation Menu item you need to apply a Parent Page.

  • Leave the Tags field blank
  • Leave the Open Link In field as Same Window
  • From the Parent Page field, choose the Main Navigation item you wish this page to display under

What is the difference between Open in Same Window and Open in New Window?

Same Window will overwrite the current page with the new page the reader has clicked on, while New Window will open the new page in a new Tab on the Internet Browser.

As a General Rule, any new Web Pages created in Schoolzine should be listed as Same Window, while any external links should be listed as New Window.

Menu Settings – Weighting


can be used to re-order the position of your Web Pages. You can use numerical values to adjust the order in which your pages will display. The larger the number used, the further up the list your item will display.

How does it work?

The higher the number assigned to the weighting field, the more important it is.

The system will review all relevant items when it creates the view for the website, assess what Weightings have been given to the items that appear on the page, and will order them appropriately. The Weighting will follow these rules when displaying items with and without a weight assigned:

Weight Rules

  • By default, if an item hasn’t been assigned a weight, it will assume the value of 0 weight
  • Items with the same weight will be ordered by weight, then by alphabetical order or release date (depending on the item being weighted)
  • The higher the number given as weight, the more important that item is, and the higher it will appear on the site
  • Negative weight will appear below anything assigned with a weight of 0

Please note: It is recommended to assign weighting in ranges of 5’s (5, 10, 15, etc) or 10’s (10, 20, 30, etc) as this allows for easy adjustments later down the track, such as slotting a new page between 2 old ones.

App Settings


The SZapp Tile Background Colour and SZapp Tile Text Colour are used to adjust the display settings on the SZapp if this Web Page is being used as a SZapp Tile.

If this is applicable for your account, click in the relevant box and adjust to the desired colour. In all other cases these settings can be left blank.

Page Layout


Select Layout

and Select Skin are used to adjust how your Page will display. If you have additional Schoolzine Subscriptions such as a Schoolzine Newsletter, please make sure you set both of these to options to Website to keep all of your Web Pages uniform.

If you are only using the Schoolzine Website Subscription, then these can be left as default.

Page Content

Page Content_KB

Page Content

controls the type of Content that will be displayed on the Web Page. This will only be visible on the New Page page type.

New Content

New Content

is used when you are creating a new set of content directly on this Web Page. To add your content, follow the below steps:

  • Click the New Content Holder button
  • Fill in the Title
  • Leave the Status as Published
  • Add and format your content using the Toolbar
  • Click Save

For more information on how to navigate the Toolbar Menu, please see the below guide:

Existing Content

Existing Content

is used to link a previous created Content Holder to your Web Page. To link an existing Content Holder, follow the below steps:

  • Select Content Holder from the Page Content drop down box
  • Search the list of existing Content Holders
  • Click the Select button to link it

To make any changes to existing Content on the Web Page, you can use the steps outlined in the below video guide:

Forms and Polls

The Form and/or Poll option allow you to add a Form or Poll that has been previously created withing the Schoolzine Control Centre to your Web Page. To include one of these options, follow the below steps:

  • Select Form or Poll from the Page Content drop down box
  • Select the desired item from the list


You can add as many Content Options to a Web Page as necessary. There are many reasons for splitting your content into multiple Content Holders, however the most common is to accommodate having a large section of text and a Web Form on one page.

Password Protecting Web Pages

You are able to add a Password to your Schoolzine Built Web Pages for an added level of Security. To add a Password to your Web Pages follow the below steps:

  1. Create your Web Page
    If your Web Page has already been created, Navigate to your Web Page in the Control Centre
  2. Select the Add Password Button
  3. Add your desired Password to the Password field
  4. If you want the Password to Expire, adjust the Start and End Date fields
  5. Click Save

Please note: If you do not have access to the Add Password button, please contact Schoolzine Support to have this enabled.

Completing your Page

Once all Content Items are linked to your Web Page and all the required settings have been applied, select the Save button located at the bottom right of the page.

If you would like to save your work but aren’t ready for the Web Page appear on the website, uncheck the Status box to make it inactive.

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