Creating an Article Feed for your non Schoolzine Website

The Schoolzine Platform has the ability to integrate with your existing Website, to populate news articles and items for your community. Articles are created in your Schoolzine Control Centre and then are tagged to display in this running ‘Article Feed’ on your website. The feed is populated by an iFrame and may need to passed onto your IT department or provider who handles your website in order to implement. This iFrame can then be placed on your Home Page for a running blog of the most recent information, or placed on a new ‘News’ page where the iframe can be populating for your community.

If you wish to get the Article Feed setup for your account, we recommend speaking to the Schoolzine Website Team to confirm your eligibility with your current website as well as your best options for integration. Please note that there may be a cost involved for the setup of the ‘Article Feed’.

Creating the Tag

After the request for the Article feed has been received and we have confirmed your eligibility the team will create and configure a tag for ‘Web Article’ which will be used for tagging articles and events to your website.

Note: This tag will be hidden from visibility to the public, so is only used for ‘Admin’ side to tag events to this feed.

Updating the Article Feed

In order to update your article feed and populate items, you can apply the prior created tag from the Schoolzine Team. This will most commonly be called ‘Web Article’ and will be populated in order of publish date.

ie, The most recently published article will be displayed first. If you require a specific order for your articles, we recommend adjusting this Publish Date to reorder them.

Creating the Feed

The Schoolzine team will create you a custom ‘iframe’ which you will be able to tag articles to in order to show up on your website. Once supplied with this custom Iframe you will need to supply this to your IT department or provider who handles your website to either integrate on an existing page, or create a new one to place this content on.

Example Iframe

To test the article iframe on your website, use the following example iframe code below. Add this code via the CMS for your website. Ensure that you are adding this code as HTML source code within your content editor. If you are unsure on how to do this, please consult with your website developer.

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