Creating an eNews Builder Newsletter

To begin building your eNews Builder newsletter, you’ll first need to create the newsletter from within the Control Centre.

  • Log in to your Control Centre and select the eNewsletters.
  • Click the New Newsletter button at the top of the page.
  • The Newsletter Title field should be populated by the name of the newsletter.
  • Click the Publication Box and select the relevant Publication for this newsletter.
    Note: This will likely be named School Newsletter.
  • Under Advanced Settings, Set the Publish Date and Time fields for your newsletter if applicable.
    Note: These fields will default to the current date and time if no action is taken.
  • Click Save.

Advanced Settings

  • Assign Custom Skin is used to apply any Custom Designs such as a one-off ‘Christmas Edition’ or ‘End of Year’ edition.
  • Custom URL can be used to render your newsletter on a different URL to the default for your publication.
    Note: This must be a unique address each newsletter.
  • Table of Contents is an Index of articles that displays at the top of the newsletter. This is turned on by default.
  • Hide Archive can be used for special editions of your newsletter, that you would like to omit from the regular Newsletter Archive page.

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