Creating Events

The Schoolzine System allows you to easily create and share events with your community.

You can share these events through the Schoolzine Calendar, Noticeboard, and DIY Newsletters.

Adding an Event

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Events menu tab.
  2. Click the + New Event button.
  3. Fill in the Event Name.
  4. Apply a tag to your event. This will allow your community to easily filter events in the calendar or DIY newsletter. You can select multiple tags for an event.
    Note: If you would like the event to appear in the Noticeboard section of your newsletter, you will need to apply the noticeboard tag.
  5. Select the Calendar you wish the event to appear in.
    Note: Unless you have more than one calendar set up, the only option available will be School Calendar.
  6. If you wish to link the event to a DIY Newsletter or a Stream select the relevant option from Linked Newsletters or Linked Streams.
  7. Select a Start and End date for the event. You can also choose a time for the event or set up a recurring event.
    Note: After the event has expired it will no longer display.
  8. Fill in any other required information, including Event Content such as Images or Flyers, Event Location and Contact Person as applicable.
  9. Once you have saved the event, you will be able to view it on your calendar or in the Noticeboard section of your newsletter.

List View

A list of all events within the system, ordered by date. From this view you can search for specific events or filter events based on tags, recently edited or calendar (if you have more than one set up).

Field Description

Event Date:

The start date of the event.

Event Time: The time of the event.

Event Name: The name of your event.

Updated: The last time the event was modified

Tag: The tag/s applied to your event.
Note: If there is more than 1 tag applied to the event, there will be a more tags option that will allow you to see all of the tags applied to that event.

Calendar: The Calendar/s the event appears on.
Note: Unless you have more than one calendar setup the only option available will be School Calendar.

Source: Will have an icon to indicate if the event has been submitted from the public or external source.

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions dropdown

Bulk Actions allows you to quickly apply a specified action to multiple events simultaneously, such as deleting and adding or removing a tag.

  1. Log into the Schoolzine Control Centre and select the Events menu tab.
  2. Search for the events you would like to apply the action to.
    Note: You can also filter events by tags, recently edited or calendar (if you have more than one setup).
  3. If you only need to select certain events, use the tick boxes on the left hand side to choose the events you wish to action. If you want to use all the events listed, leave the tick box blank.
  4. Click the Bulk Actions drop down and select the action.
  5. Select Go and if any further prompt windows appear, make the necessary changes and then select Update.

Calendar View

Calendar View gives a render of all of your events close to how they will appear for the public. From this view you can see a daily, weekly or monthly view of events, see which tags are currently being used in the calendar, and filter the calendar based on specific tags.

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