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Available below is a list of commonly asked questions and their associated answers.

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I am unable to save my Event?

If your Event is not saving, make sure that all mandatory fields have been filled in, and with correct values. Common examples of missed fields are:

  • Event Name
  • Linked Calendar
  • End Date of Event marked before the Start Date

Please Note:The Control Centre will mark all invalid fields in Red and display a simple tool tip to explain the error.

What is the difference between Event Summary and Event Content?

The Event Summary will display when a viewer selects your event on the Calendar. Due to the limited space available, the information included here should be a brief overview.

The Event Content will display on the Event Web Page itself, accessed from the Event’s direct URL. This is where your complete Event Information should be entered.

What if I only include the Event Summary OR the Event Content?

Not to worry, the Control Centre will automatically include the information in BOTH the Event Summary and the Event Content display areas if the information has only been included into one of the fields.

Can I import multiple events at the same time?

Multiple Events can be added using the Calendar Import Process. Create an Excel Spreadsheet with your event information and use the Import option on your Event Page to add these into the system. You can download our Event Import Template below:

Click here to download the Calendar Import Template

Please note: The format being used in your Excel Spreadsheet must match the template file EXACTLY. For example, if the time is input with lowercase pm instead of an uppercase PM, then the Event will be listed as an error and will not be included into the Control Centre.

How can I filter my Events?


can be filtered by using the Tags feature. Create and apply all relevant Tags for your Calendar, and viewers will be able to select the Tags they wish to filter by when viewing your Events.

What if my readers want to access our Events outside of the Schoolzine Calendar?

Viewers also have the option to Sync the Calendar Events to a personal calendar using the Cloud Sync Icon.

Viewers also have the option to Print the Calendar Events, using the Pint icon.

I have picked my Tag Colors, but my Calendar Text is very hard to read. How do I change the Text Color on my events?

The default colour of your text is WHITE and it is recommended to be left as default. However this can be adjusted by the Text Color field within your Calendar Settings.

Please Note: This will change ALL Tags text colours. It is recommended to adjust the Tag Color instead of the Text Color field if you are having trouble reading your Tags. Please see the below example

A key/legend interface of Calendar Tags

We are currently using a Google Calendar; Can I sync my events to Schoolzine?

Yes, there is a way to sync your events into the Calendar. This is done by creating a Feed Sync from your existing calendar to the Schoolzine Calendar.

Please note: that this is a One-Way Sync. Meaning that if you make changes in your Control Centre, it will not be updated on the calendar the sync is originating from and will be overwritten when the next automatic sync occurs.

Further information on how to set up a Calendar Sync can be found at the below guide:

Click here to view the Syncing External Calendars Guide

Can I apply multiple Tags when syncing from an external calendar?

No. Each sync can only have a single Tag applied to the Events.

If you are wanting to use the Tags feature more comprehensively, then we would recommend inputting the Events directly into the Control Centre. 

Do I need to create a new Calendar to display my Staff Events?

No you do not need to create a new Calendar to accomplish this.

The Schoolzine Calendar has the ability to have a Restricted View of the Calendar to display both Restricted Events, and Public Events. This will also keep a Public View to only show your Public Events.

How do I create a Restricted Tag?

To create a Restricted Tag simply select the Restricted check box when creating your Tag.

How do I create a Restricted View of my Calendar?

To create a Restricted View of your Calendar you will first need to create a Web Page to link your Calendar to. Then grab the Restricted Embed Code from your Calendar Setting page in the Control Centre

To see the full guide, please click the link below:

Click here to view the Creating a Staff Calendar Guide

What does the Calendar Default Color setting adjust?

This will adjust the color your Calendar Name displays as on the Calendar Overlay page.


My Recurring Event will not save? Error: This recurrence rule generates events that overlap.

This error displays when the event being created has had its dates input incorrectly. There is an example included below for how to input your information for a Recurring Event.

When creating a Recurring Event, your first section should be the Date range and Start/End time for the event. Outlined in Blue

The Second section should be used to outline how often this event would recur. Outlined in Red

Please see below two examples of an event that repeats daily from 9:00am -11:00am for a period of 1 Week. The First has the incorrect Date Range, while the Second has the Correct Date Range:


Recurring Event with Incorrect Details


Recurring Event with Correct Details

How do I include a supporting Flyer or Image for my Event?

Supporting Files can be included under the Event Content section when creating your Event. Simply use the Chose File option to select either an Image or a PDF to upload. These will be visible on both the Event Summary and the Event Page.

My Event only has a certain number of available seats. How can I control the number of bookings?

Bookings for events can be managed by creating Tickets for your event. These can be created using the Add Tickets button when viewing your event within the Control Centre.

For more information on creating Tickets, please refer to the full guide below:

Click here to view the Ticketed Events Guide

I have created my Paid Ticketed Event, but no one can book?

Paid Ticketed Events

require a PayPal Merchant Account to be linked with the Control Centre. If this has not been completed, then no Paid Tickets can be processed through your Control Centre. Free Ticketed Events will not require this set up.

If you require further assistance with linking your PayPal Merchant Account to your Control Centre, feel free to contact our Support Team.

My Calendar defaults to a date that is not current?

This occurs when a calendar has been given a Default Start Date, or dates added to the Term Start/End Date. Simply edit you Calendar settings and either update these settings to the new dates or leave as blank to have the Calendar always updates to the current date.

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