FAQs – Communicate

The following will guide you through frequently asked questions about the Schoolzine Communicate feature. If you cannot find what you are looking for please Contact Support.

If recipients are in multiple of my sending groups, do they receive messages more than once?

If multiple groups are selected for distribution and a single email address/contact exists in more then one, they WILL NOT receive the communication more then once.

Can I change an email once it has been sent?

Once an email has been sent and delivered, you are unable to edit the content of the message, this is a limitation of email itself.

If the communication contains an incorrect link to a page/file in your Schoolzine account, you can delete the page/file.

Alternatively, it would be advised to re-send the communication with the correct content.

You can send a test/proof of your messages via the ‘Review and Send’ tab.”

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Can I send SZapp notifications from my device?

SZapp notifications can be sent from your mobile device, the account you are logged into must be a System User for the school/account.

More information on Sending Notifications from your Device

What does the Pie/Doughnut chart mean?

The ‘pie’ or ‘doughnut’ chart allows for a visual indication of sending statistics for your email message.

More information on Campaign Statistics

Why did my bounces change?

If a message records an increased amount of bounces, it is possible that a domain has marked it for quarantine, this will incur a temporary bounce. Once the message has been cleared, your bounce statistics will update as the mail is delivered.

Please Note: It can take up to an hour after the message being cleared, for the true statistics to show.

A user is no longer receiving messages, but was last week why?

After a message has been sent, the delivery and status can be monitored to tell who has/has not received it. Different statuses indicate what has occurred with the message.

More information on Communication Statuses

What happens when a SZapp user unsubscribes from other communication channels?

Subscription Status on a user is either Yes or No, the subscription is not dependant on the channel. If a user unsubscribes via email, their profile will now be unsubscribed. If they have the SZapp installed, they will still receive messages but will not be prompted with a push notification.

How long does a message take to send?

Messages set to distribute ASAP will generally send within 15 minutes, however please allow for up to an hour. If your message is taking unusually long to send, please contact Support.

My message has sent but I have still not received it in my inbox.

Firstly, check your Junk and Spam folders to ensure the mail has not filtered incorrectly.

Once a message has been sent, it is still up to the receiving domain/service provider to process the mail and deliver it to your inbox.

Can I put a video in my email?

Video cannot be embedded into the body of your email message. However, you can distribute the video by placing the link/hyperlink into the email message.

How do I resend my newsletter/message?

A campaign/campaign for your newsletter can easily be duplicated for resending.

View more information on Resending a Message

Can I put extra content in my newsletter message?

When publishing your newsletter, you can review the message before sending. This allows you to edit the message and add any extra content to the body before sending.

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