FAQs – Contacts & Groups

The following will guide you through frequently asked questions about Schoolzine’s Contact Management System feature. If you cannot find what you are looking for please Contact Support.

How do I grant access to the Schoolzine Control Centre?

See our detailed guide to grant login access to the Control Centre.

View Managing System Users


How do I subscribe a contact?

Individuals can be encouraged to subscribe themselves using the Subscribe Web Form or you can add them yourself. If you have a lot of new contacts, we recommend that you import a database.

View Subscribing a Contact


How do I delete old contacts?

Contacts can be unsubscribed on a case by case basis by following this guide.

View Unsubscribing a Contact

If you are looking to remove bulk contacts all at once, you can do so by importing a spreadsheet of all email addresses that need to be removed. See our guide for removing contacts.

View Removing Contacts


How do I send a password reset email?

Schoolzine Control Centre users can request a password reset from the main login portal:

View Control Centre Login Portal

Parents/Caregivers/Readers can reset their own passwords from the login portals such as Session Keeper or SZapp. However, a force reset can be sent from the system by navigating to the user and clicking Reset Password.


What does a Group do?

Contacts can be segregated using groups, this allows for direct communication with target audiences. Your groups can be basic (such as parent, student or staff member groups) or broken down further, such as year levels, class groups or sport teams.

More information on Managing Groups


How do I make Groups available on the SZapp/Subscribe forms?

Groups can be added to the Subscription / SZapp registration process using tags. When creating or editing the group apply the Subscribe or App tag in the tags field.

  • Subscribe – Will add the group to the Subscription Form.
  • App – Will add the group to the SZapp group selection list.

It’s a new school year and I would like to update my contact list to the most up to date version. How can I achieve this?

When updating your contact list for the new year you have two main options for this:

  • Remove contacts that have left from last year, and import the new full list of contacts
  • Remove all existing contacts and import just your new and current contacts

Option 1 – Bulk Removal and New Import:

Bulk removal of contacts can be done by creating a spreadsheet of those contacts and using the Remove Contacts option. A guide to this process can be found below. Once the old contacts have been removed the new contact list can be imported into the Control Centre.

Please note that it is best to perform the removal first. This means that if a contact has multiple children enrolled at the school, they will be added back in once the Current List is imported.

Option 2 – Deleting all existing contacts and New Import:

Deleting all contacts can be done by using the Bulk Actions option of Delete that can be found on the Contacts section of your Control Centre. Bulk Actions work by selecting several contacts, and it will apply this action to all selected items. However, if NO items are selected, then the Control Centre will apply this action to ALL items.

Please note that when perform a Bulk Actions Delete action, this will not delete any Protected Users. Meaning your System Users will remain in the Control Centre.

Once you have removed all the old contacts, you can then use the Contact Import Guide to add your new list of contacts.

When performing a Bulk Actions Delete action, it is always a good idea to check the Form Records on the Subscription eForm to check for anyone who has subscribed themselves to your eNewsletter. This way if someone has subscribed themselves to your newsletter but are not on your records, you will still be able to have them added into the system after the deletion.

How do I update all my Year Groups to the new information at the start of the new School Year?

There are two methods we would suggest for updating your Year Groups at the start of the New Year. Either option can be used and you should pick the one that is best suited for your account.

Both examples cases are assuming Year Groups from 1 to 7

Option 1:

The first option is to remove the Year 7 Group, and rename the other Groups to the next Year Level up (Year 1 renamed to Year 2, Year 2 renamed to Year 3, etc)

Once all Groups have been renamed, recreate the Year 1 Group and Import the Year 1 Contacts.

Option 2:

The second option is to remove all Contacts from your current Groups to leave them empty. Once all Groups have been emptied, you can import all Contacts into the correct Groups.

Please note: If a registered SZapp user has their SZapp Groups edited within the Control Centre, the SZapp with automatically update the subscriptions for the User. SZapp users can freely edit their assigned SZapp Groups from their mobile device.

You will also require a separate spreadsheet for each Year Level you wish to Import into the Control Centre.

How do I export contacts?

Please see our detailed guide for exporting contacts

View Exporting Contacts


Why is my contact suppressed?

A contact is suppressed due to an invalid or unavailable email address. A suppressed contact is unsubscribed and will not receive any communications through the Schoolzine platform. For more information managing suppressed contacts, please see our detailed guide.

View Managing Suppressed Contacts


How do I blacklist/block a SZapp User?

If you are trying to remove and blacklist/block a SZapp user, please see this detailed guide.

View Blacklisting SZapp Users

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