FAQs – DIY eNewsletter

A list of commonly asked questions and answers are listed below.

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I’ve just previewed my DIY newsletter but I can’t see any of my articles?

When you create a new article it will default to the current date when creating the article. Usually if you can’t see any articles when you preview your newsletter. It’s because the ‘Publish Date’ of your article has been set to a future date. Please note: The ‘Publish Date’ is simply just the date that you are entering the article into your Schoolzine account.

The Publish Date field of a DIY Newsletter

How do I change my header image at the top of my DIY newsletter?

The header image at the top of your newsletter needs to be changed by our Support Team here at Schoolzine. Our Support Team are able to change your header image free of charge once a term. Please note: The Support Team usually require 2-3 business days to get a proof back to you.

Why would I use the ‘Hide Archive’ tick box?

The ‘Hide Archive’ tick box could be used when a special newsletter has been created. E.g. Christmas Edition or Staff Only Edition. This means that the newsletter isn’t able to be previewed via your Archive page.

The 'Hide Archive' button of a DIY Newsletter

When I click on the ‘Publish’ button does it automatically distribute my newsletter?

The newsletter won’t be distributed automatically via the ‘Publish’ button, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending it out. You’ll notice once you click on the ‘Publish’ button that a box will pop up where you can select a nomiated date and time.

The publish interface of a DIY Newsletter

How do I get someone to proof my newsletter?

The best way to get people to proof your newsletter is by using the ‘Send Proof’ button. You can then either provide access to people to make their own changes or they can forward the changes through to you to make.

Is it possible to create a template for my newsletter?

Yes. To save yourself time, try creating a DIY newsletter called ‘Template’, then go in and create your articles with the headings that will commonly reoccur throughout your newsletters. You’ll then be able to use the ‘Copy’ button to copy this template over, instead of starting from scratch every single time.

Simply copy this template before you’re wanting to start each newsletter.

Can I make changes after publishing my DIY newsletter?

Yes. Your DIY newsletter is live, which means that changes can be made at anytime, without having to resend anything.

How can I change the order of my articles?

Your articles don’t need to be added in the exact order that you want them to show in. Simply click on the reorder button next to the article you’re wanting to move, and drag the article where you are wanting it to show in the list of your articles.

Directional arrow buttons used to reorder articles

I’m ready to publish my DIY newsletter. How do I do this?

Publishing your DIY newsletter is very simple. Once you click on ‘Publish’, you’ll see there’s a green button at the top for you to ‘Publish newsletter without distributing’. This means that you can get the newsletter published without it being sent to your contacts list.

‘Send Date’ and ‘Send Time’ allows you to select a nominated date and time for your newsletter to be distributed at.

You’ve then got the option of ‘Auto send without review’ or ‘Review before distribution’.

The distribution interface for DIY Newsletters

‘Auto send without review’

will send the newsletter out straight away if you haven’t nominated a specific send date/time OR it will schedule the newsletter at your chosen date and time. Please note: You are able to add custom content if you wish. See below information on ‘Review before distribution’.

‘Review before distribution’ allows you to double check your email message/who you are sending the newsletter to before clicking the final ‘Complete & Send’ button.

How do I change what the email says?

Updating the email message that includes your newsletter link is able to be done once you’ve clicked on ‘Review before distribution’. You’ll need to navigate back to ‘Message Content’ and then click on the ‘Email Content’ tab. You’ll then be able to go in and adjust the wording.
Please note: Try to avoid removing any Wildcards e.g. ‘%%__email_subject__%%’, ‘%%first_name%%’ or ‘%%__sz_newsletter__%%’. As this is popluating information from other places within your Schoolzine account.

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