FAQs – eNews Builder

A list of commonly asked questions and their answers regarding the eNews Builder are below.

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What is the difference between the DIY eNewsletters and the eNews Builder Newsletter?

DIY eNewsletters are created by creating each article separately within the Control Centre.

eNews Builder Newsletters are created using individual elements to allow for easy customisation and construction. This Platform also allows you to edit your newsletter from the Front End, allowing you to see how your newsletter will render in real time.

Can I create my whole newsletter in a single Newsletter Article?

There is no limit to the amount of content that can be included within a single Article Element. But each separate Article Element will create an entry in your Newsletter’s Table of Contents.

It is recommended that each Article in your Newsletter be added as a new Article Element.

I have Published my eNews Builder Newsletter and scheduled it for later this week. Why does my preview say “This newsletter is not published.”?

This message is displayed when the Publish Date for your Newsletter has not yet passed.

To edit this, access your Newsletter Settings in the Control Centre, open your Advanced Settings and adjust your Publish Date.

Our account has been upgraded from the DIY eNewsletter Platform to eNews Builder. Can I link some of my old Articles?

No, the old DIY eNewsletter Articles use a different system so they can not be linked to your new eNews Builder Newsletter.

The Articles will still be listed in your account. If you need to add the information to your current Newsletter, you will be able to access the old Articles then Copy and Paste the information across to your new eNews Builder Article.

Can I only include a floated image as the first section of my newsletter?

No, you can include a Floated Image anywhere within your Newsletter. Simply add a Text Content Element and access the Settings Cog to adjust the Layout Drop Down Selector. Select either the Text with Left Image or Text with Right Image to allow you to include your Floated Image.

How can I reorder my Gallery images?

Gallery Images can be reordered by accessing the Settings Cog for the Gallery Element. Click and drag your images into the appropriate order.

Can I have four images side by side in my newsletter?

The eNews Builder Newsletter system can include a maximum of three images side by side with the Image Content Element.

If you need to include more than three images, then these should be included as an Image Gallery.

What does the Image Two Mixed option mean?

Image Two Mixed refers to two images side by side that are of different orientations.

How can I change the colour on my Border/Colour Box Content Element?

The colour settings for your Border/Colour Box Content Elements can be adjusted by selecting the Settings Cog for the Content Element in question and adjust the Border Colour or Background Colour fields.

You can also adjust the Text Colour under these options as well.

Do I need to upload my videos to YouTube first before including them in my Newsletter?

Videos need to be hosted on an online platform to be added into your newsletter. If you would like to embed your Videos into your Newsletter, they can be uploaded to a YouTube or Vimeo Account, and then added via the Video Content Element.

Videos uploaded on other online platforms can also be included, however they will need to be included as a Link Button Content Element instead.

What is the Compact View when I edit my eNews Builder Newsletter?

The Compact View will hide all the side and top from the editor view while you work on your Newsletter. This will allow you to focus on constructing your Newsletter content

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