FAQs – Logging In

Further information on how to Manage your System User can be found at the link below:

What is the minimum password security standards for Schoolzine?

When creating a password for your Control Centre, Session Keeper or SZapp User, it will need to contain the following:

  • Minimum of 8 characters long
  • At Least 1 letter (Upper or Lowercase)
  • At Least 1 number
  • At Least 1 special character
    • Common examples are: !, @, #, $, %, &

Can I create a shared user that everyone in the office can use to access the Control Centre?

No, it is not recommended to use a shared log in for the Control Centre. This method is not secure, and also limits the availability of auditing on your account.

You can view our User Policy via the link below:

I am a new user for an existing Schoolzine Account, can Schoolzine set up me up with System User Access?

The management of System Users, including adding and removing, is a process that is handled by an existing System User of the account, to ensure accuracy and privacy.

A guide on how this is completed can be seen here:

I forgot my password, can Schoolzine tell me what my password is?

For security reasons, your password is encrypted and not accessible by any Schoolzine Staff.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Reset Password option on the log in page for any of the Schoolzine Features you are attempting to access.

My User is Suspended, what does this mean?

Suspension occurs when incorrect log in details are supplied 5 times within the time frame of one minute. The User is then temporarily locked out of the Control Centre for one minute. After the one minute lock out time, you can reattempt to log in again on the same page.

Please note: Your username is always your full email address at the school (e.g. @eq.edu.au, @education.wa.edu.au, etc).

If you cannot remember your Log In details, you can reset your password using the link at the bottom of the Log In window.

My Email has been updated, and now I cannot access the Control Centre

When updating to a new email address, make sure that your existing contact is edited instead of creating a new user.

Confirm the current email address has been added to the appropriate System User Group and attempt logging in via www.schoolzineplus.com.

When logging in, the following error message displays “You are currently logging in as YOUR USERNAME, and you do not have access to this resource.”

This error displays when a user is attempting to log into an area that their user does not have access to. You will need to confirm the follow information:

  • Is this error displaying for a Staff Member attempting to log into Session Keeper?
    • If Yes, then it is likely they are attempting to log into the Control Centre. Resend the Staff member the Session Keeper staff link.
  • Is this error displaying for a System User?
    • If Yes, Confirm the link they are using to log in. Provide them with: www.schoolzineplus.com
    • Confirm their User has been added to the appropriate System User Group
  • Is the error displaying for a Parent?
    • If Yes, then it is likely they are attempting to log into the Control Centre.
    • Confirm what the Parent is attempting to access

While using the Single Sign On Option (Office 365/Google) it displays one of the following errors.

Cannot Match User to School

This error occurs when the 365/Google account being used to log in, does not match a User in the Control Centre. Confirm the 365/Google account email address has been added to the appropriate System User Group

Also confirm that the correct 365/Google Account is currently logged in on the Computer and the Internet Browser.

The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs Configured for the application

This error occurs when your account Single Sign On Options have either expired, or have not been set up correctly.

If you experience this error, please contact our Schoolzine Support Team who can assist further.

If you are using a WONDE Sync to import your Staff contacts from your MIS and you update the Staff Email address in your MIS, you will need to confirm that the new emails are added to the appropriate System User Group.

You will also need to confirm that the SSO Account logged in on this browser, matches the System User Details in the Control Centre.

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