FAQs – Session Keeper

The following will guide you through frequently asked questions about the Schoolzine Session Keeper feature. If you cannot find what you are looking for or are interested in enabling Session Keeper for your account, please Contact Support.

How does someone book?

Click here to view the Parent Booking Guide

What is the difference between Staff and Student Session Type?

  • Staff can be used to just collect the details of the parent/caregiver attending the meeting/interview.
  • Student can be used to record the details of both the parent/caregiver and student attending.

How do I add extra fields to the booking form?

Extra fields can be applied to the booking process by creating a Web Form/eForm and attaching it in the session settings.

View More Information on creating an eForm

What is the best way to have two or more teachers attached to one group of availability? / What does Linked Staff do?

You can link multiple staff members to one group of availability using the ‘Link Staff’ button on an already created teacher. Linked staff members will also receive booking confirmations and appointment reminders.

View More Information on Linked Staff

How do I book on behalf of a parent?

System Users can book on behalf of a parent, click below to view a step by step guide.

View more Information on Booking on behalf of a Parent

What is Buffer and how does it work?

Adding buffer to your availability will add the designated time to the end of each appointment. This allows for appointments to have overflow/changeover time.

How do I add a break?

There are two ways to add breaks to your availability.

When creating the availability, split your bulk add times into two imports. For example, if the appointments are to run from 3pm – 7pm with a break from 5:30pm – 6pm:

  1. Add 3pm to 5:30pm
  2. Add 6pm – 7pm

The other way is to create the timeslots and mark the time slots that fall within the break time as unavailable.

How do I make timeslots unavailable?

Individual timeslots can be made unavailable both from the Control Centre and Session Keeper staff sides of the system.

To make unavailable from the system, navigate to the session and click the vailability tab. Find the time slot for the teacher you would like to block out and click the available tab. This will adjust the timeslot to unavailable.

To adjust from the Teacher side of session keeper please see this guide:

Managing Your Bookings Guide for Staff

How do I add more staff to my session?

Staff can be added to an existing session by navigating to the session and clicking the availability tab. At the top of the page you can select either Add New Staff or Import New Staff.

  • Add New Staff: Select Existing Staff from the Session Keeper Staff group to add to the session
  • Import New Staff: Import new staff into the Session Keeper Staff group to be added to the session

What are Session Access Groups?

Applying Session Access Groups to your session restricts access to only email addresses that pre-exist in the selected groups.

Only contacts in the assigned access groups will be able to make bookings.

If no access group is set, all new and existing contacts will have access to make a booking.

Where do my Staff login?

To access the Staff Login page login to the Control Centre and select Session Keeper from the menu. At the top of Sessions List is the Staff Login button, this link can be copied and distributed to your staff.

How do my staff allocate a password?

When logging into Session Keeper, if it is the first time the email address is recognised and has not previously allocated a password, the system will prompt the user to create one.


How do my staff manage their own availability?

Please see this detailed guide on how your staff can manage their availability.

View more information on Managing Your Bookings – Guide for Staff

My parents / staff cannot login?

When logging into Session Keeper, if it is the first time the email address is recognised and has not previously allocated a password, the system will prompt the user to create one.

If a password is already set on your email address, it is likely you have accessed the system with your email address from another location. For example, if you have logged into the SZapp with the same address your password will be the same one allocated for the app.

If you cannot remember your password, you can request a reset from the Session Keeper login portal.

If you are still having login issues, please contact the Schoolzine Support Team.

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