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Available below is a list of commonly asked questions and their associated answers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or are interested in learning more about the Wonde Sync for your account, please Contact Support.

Please note: Updates and changes can take up to hours to be replicated in your Control Centre. This is a time frame set by Wonde and unable to be adjusted.

How often will the Control Centre sync our contact’s?

The an Automatic Sync will occur every day at 12:00AM (+0 GMT). This will sync any new contacts that have been added to your MIS, as well as make any updates that have occurred since the last Automatic Sync.

How can I access my Wonde Settings within Schoolzine?

You can access your Wonde Settings by logging into your Control Centre and selecting the Wonde Icon from the top left hand corner of your screen.


How do I generate my Wonde Reports?


Simply log into your Control Centre and select the Wonde Icon from the top of your Page, then select the Generates Report button.

You will be notified when the Reports have been generated by your notifications bell in your Control Centre.

Wonde Reports can be will be saved in your Media Library. To access your Wonde Reports follow the below steps:

  • Log into your Control Centre and select the Content menu tab
  • Select the Media Library option
  • Select the Folder View button in the top tight hand corner
  • Navigate to the Wonde Reports folder
  • Select the Report you wish to view

This will generate the following reports:

  • Valid Contacts Report – This report will show All Contacts that have been Synced. It will include all of their details such as Email, Mobile Number, Address, etc
  • Student Contacts Report – This report will show all Students that have been Synced. It will also show what Classes and Year Groups the belong to
  • Duplicates Report – This report will show all Duplicated Contacts from your Sync. These can be duplicated by either Email or Mobile Number
  • Deletions Report – This report will show all contacts that have been Deleted from the Control Centre

Below are some examples of how to use some of the reports:

Can I manually sync my MIS information?

Although the Control Centre will automatically sync your information daily, you can sync the information manually using one of the following options.

  • A Single SYNC will update specific contacts only. You will need to go to the Control Centre > Contacts, select the contacts you would like to perform an update for. Once the Contacts are selected, click on the Single Sync button. A single SYNC can also be performed on Students.
  • Sync: A regular Sync will sync across any updates that have been made to contacts that have been made before the last sync.
  • Clean Sync: A Clean Sync will strip all the Groups from all Contacts within your Control Centre and re-link all the information to the Contacts within your Control Centre.
    If a Clean Sync is performed, it is recommended to not have any scheduled communications planned, as these can be effected when the Groups are stripped from the Contacts.
    A Clean Sync can take a large portion of time to complete, so it is recommended to perform this process after hours

What does the setting ‘Restrict group sync to PR parents only’ control?


stands for Parental Responsibility. Having this setting active will restrict the Sync to only contacts marked as having Parental Responsibility within your MIS.

I’ve just updated a contact’s details on the our MIS, but it’s still showing the old details in the Control Centre?

  • Go to your Wonde Settings, and Generate Reports
  • Access the Valid Contacts Report and search for the contact. We recommend searching for either the contact’s Email or Phone Number
    Please note: You can use Ctrl + F (or Command + R in a Mac Computer) to search for specific phrases/words in your browser
  • If your contact details have been updated in the Report, but NOT the Control Centre, perform a Clean Sync

Important Note

A Clean Sync will cause all contacts to have their Group information stripped from the Control Centre and re-linked once more.

When Schoolzine perform a Clean Sync, it is important that no communications are scheduled during the sync.

I’ve just updated a contact’s details, now there are two similar contacts in Schoolzine

  • Search for both contacts
  • Open both contacts in your Control Centre
  • Click on the Edit Contact button
  • Review and note the information in the Code Field
  • Open the Valid Contacts Report and search for the Parent
  • Check the Contact ID (“A********”) and compare it to the Code Field in Schoolzine Contact Page to confirm if they match
    If they do match: Delete the duplicate contact profile WITH the linked student and SZapp account details
    If they do NOT match: Delete the duplicate contact profile with the wrong Contact ID

A Parent is not linked to one of their children

  • Generate Wonde Reports and open the Valid Contacts file
  • First check is to ensure, the Parent’s email is not listed as a duplicate, this can be done on the Duplicate contact report. If the email is listed then remove or merge the duplicated contact in your MIS and ensure the Student is linked to the correct parent ID
  • Check that the Parent is listed as having Parental Responsibility
    If the sync is restricted to ‘PR parents only’, the contact needs to have parental responsibility:true
  • If the Parent’s Details are not listed as a duplicate, then contact our Support Team for further assistance

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