How to send Text Messages

To send Text Messages to your community, you will need to login to the Schoolzine Control Centre.

  1. Login to your Control Centre
  2. Select the ‘Text Messages‘ option from the side menu
  3. Click the ‘Send Text Message‘ button at the top left of the page
  4. Select the ‘SMS’ Channel then click ‘Next
  5. Populate the Message Name, update the Send Date and Send Time (if required), then click ‘Next‘.
  6. Populate your text message in the Message Content section and then select ‘Next‘.
  7. Select your recipients, then click ‘Next‘.
  8. Review your message content then click ‘Complete & Send‘.

Points of Note:

  • Text Messaging only supports the use of text.
  • A maximum character limit of 459 is imposed.
  • Send blocks are 153 characters, each block represents one credit. Messages over 153 characters will incur multiple credits.
  • It is not possible to edit a Text Message once sent, so please ensure you check the content before sending.

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