Linking your Stream to a SZapp Tile

1. To find the Stream URL (web address), navigate to ‘Streams’ on your left hand side-panel.

2. Once open, select the Stream you wish to link.

3. Copy the Stream URL (web address) located beneath the Stream Title.

4. Navigate to ‘Content’ on your left hand side-panel.

5. Once expanded, select ‘Web Pages’.

6. Select ‘New Page’.

Button to add a new webpage

7. Enter your ‘Page Title’ and ‘Page Heading’, and select a ‘Menu and App Icon’.

8. Under ‘Page Type’, select ‘Link’.

9. Insert the URL (web address) to your Stream.

10. Under ‘Tags’, select where you wish for the Stream Link to display.
Tag Usage: SZApp Tile (app), Newsletter Menus (side-menu, top-menu), SZ Website Menu (website-top-menu)

11. Once complete, select ‘Save’.

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