Measuring Readership & Engagement

How to measure your readership

Your Schoolzine Control Center provides an ‘at-a-glance’ overview of how your email campaigns are performing, with the use of pie-charts. You can check the overview of a Campaign via the ‘Communicate’ tab, then click on the name of the Campaign you wish to view.

This page will provide you with information such as the total number of recipients, opens, unopens, bounces and unsubscribes (in both numerical and percentage values). It is important to note that these values are indicative of the email campaign only, opens via other means (such as Social Media, SZapp, Website Feeds, Newsletter Archive etc) are not included in these values.

A pie chart showing campaign statistics

The ‘Campaign Analytics’ tab can also be utilized to view how many times a URL within the campaign has been clicked.

Analytics of a sent campaign

You may also see precisely which user has clicked-through by clicking on the URL.

URL Analytics of a sent campaign

Tips to improve your readership

The process of successfully increasing readership will differ from case to case, what works in one region may not be suitable in another, but we have compiled a shortlist of items to get you started.

  1. Maintain an accurate contact database – This is the most impactful process that can be implemented. Sending to old/inaccurate email addresses will impact on the statistics mentioned above, recording a send and no open. Contacts with multiple subscribed email address will also impact this.
  2. Choose your timing – Sending to personal email addresses is best done of an afternoon (generally) and sending to work email addresses is best done of a morning (generally).
  3. Personalize your emails – Addressing your recipients by name is considered good-practice and can improve click-through rates. Using a person’s name (such as the Principal) as the From Name of your campaign can increase open rates; this can be done on a per-campaign basis.
  4. Adjust your email subject – A subject line which includes information about what the recipient can expect to see in the email can help improve open rates.
  5. Ask for feedback – Consider creating polls or surveys to ask your community about what type of content they would like to receive and at what frequency.

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