Modal Box Module

The modal box allows you to create a pop up box when a user clicks on a button. The following steps describe how to setup the modal box.

  1. Create a new content holder for the content of the modal box.
  2. Add the content for the popup box inside the content editor.
  3. Add the button’s text to the ‘Tile Link Text’ field of the content holder.
  4. Save the content holder. 
  5. When saved, make note of the content holder’s ID
  6. Edit the page you’re looking to add the modal box to.
  7. Add the following module code to the content editor where you would like the button to appear:
    {! modal_by_id;Id Value !}
  8. Change ‘Id Value’ to be the Id number of the modal content holder created previously.
  9. Save the changes and review the edited page.

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