Pausing, Resuming or Setting Campaigns to Draft

If you have scheduled a Campaign through the Schoolzine System and have found that you require changes to be made to it prior to it being sent, you have the ability to Pause Campaign, Set as Draft or even Delete if no longer required. These options will only be available if the campaign is still in the Scheduled status.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Communicate menu tab.
  2. Click on the Message Name of the Scheduled Campaign, which will take you through to the Overview of the message.

    A scheduled campaign

  3. Select Pause Campaign to stop the campaign from entering the processing status.

    Pausing a scheduled campaign

  4. Once Paused, you will be given the option for Resume Campaign, Set to Draft, Resend, Export Recipients and Archive.

    Resuming a paused campaign

  • Resume Campaign – will allow the campaign to go back to its scheduled status and begin processing at the set time.
  • Set to Draft – will allow the campaign to go back into draft status so changes can be made. You can also delete the campaign from there if no longer required.
  • Resend – will create a duplicate of the campaign that can then be sent again if going to different groups for example and wanting to monitor open rates.
  • Export Recipients – is used to export the list of contacts that this campaign has been sent to.
  • Archive – Archiving the message will not delete the message but hides it from the ‘View Messages’ overview.

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