Preparing Newsletter Files for Upload

Prior to uploading your Newsletter Content you should have a total of 3 items for upload – 

  • Newsletter Template Document
  • Zipped Folder for Images
  • Zipped Folder for Media Files

Preparing My Newsletter Document

Your Content Document is the most important part of the submission, and because of this it is important to make sure that it is compiled correctly.

You can download the Current Schoolzine Content Template using the link below

Click here to download the Schoolzine Newsletter Template


Newsletters will use 3 Heading Styles that can be selected using the Styles menu on the Schoolzine Newsletter Template – 

  • Heading 1
    • This option is used for any of your Main Headings
  • Heading 2
    • This option is used for any of your Sub Headings
  • Heading 3
    • This option is used for any of your Sub-Sub Headings

Additional headings can be indicated using Text Styling such as Bold/Italic/Underline or a combination of these 3.

Why Should I use the Heading Styles?

By using heading styles, it allows our team to apply the appropriate markup to your content. This makes it easier to keep a consistent style guide across all your newsletters, and allows the Schoolzine team to make design updates to your newsletter with ease.

For instance, if you decide to change your account colours from blue to red, we can easily update all your newsletters to match the new colour scheme. This means you won’t have to manually update each newsletter, and you can ensure that all your content looks professional and polished.

Images, Image Galleries and Media File References

To make sure your Images and Media Attachements are added to your content correctly, you wil need to make sure you reference your file name correctly in red as shown below.

FLOAT LEFT – Principal.jpg

 Playground Upgrade.jpg

GALLERY – Dance gallery folder

EMBED – sports_day.mp4

To add a file to your Newsletter you will need to include the full name and extension of your file into the Document ain red. You can indicate how you want the file inserted by adding EMBED or DOWNLOAD at the start of the file name.

The following file will be inserted so you can view the PDF file. We recoomend using this for PDFS which are only 1 or 2 pages.

EMBED – Tuckshop_menu.PDF

The follwoing reference will be inserted as a download button with the Title added as the call to action.

DOWNLOAD – Tuckshop_menu.PDF

TITLE: Click here to download the latest Tuckshop menu

Why Can’t I add my images directly in my document?

When extracting images from the Word Document, this can lead to a loss in quality, or image corruption. For this reason it is recommended to upload the images as their own seperate items.

See the link below for a full guide on preparing your Template Document

Click here to access the full guide

Preparing Images and Galleries

To keep things organised, collate all your images and galleries into a single Images folder.

If you have 5 or more pictures that you want to show together in the newsletter, they can be displayed as a gallery. To make it simple to find and use the gallery, create a sub-folder in the Images folder and give it a relevant name. 

Example Images folder:


Repeat Images

You can reference the same images across your newsletters without uploading them each time. 

We suggest the following Naming Convention which uses a common prefix added to the file name.

For Example

This will allow our team to easily Identify and Update any repeated files within your Newsletter.

Preparing My Attachment files

Collate all PDF and Video files in the Attachments folder.

We highly reccomend converting all files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher files, into PDFs. PDF files can be opened and printed on almost any device, which ensures that your readers won’t miss crucial information. Moreover, PDFs safeguard your document from any modification and ensure that the appearance remains consistent.

Repeat Attachments

Much like the Images, you are able to reference repeated media files in your document without uploading them each newsletter. 

We suggest the following Naming Convention which uses a common prefix added to the file name.

For Example

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