Preparing SZ eNews Files

Once you are ready to start putting your newsletter together, you will need to prepare your files for upload.

Creating the Newsletter Folder

Now that you have a Template folder set up, each time you go to create a new newsletter, copy and paste your template folder. This will create a copy of the folder called Template – Copy.

Rename the folder to the date of the newsletter (eg. 10th July). Open the folder and rename the Schoolzine Newsletter Template inside the folder to match the folder name (eg: 10th July.docx).

Handy Hints

  • It is important that you use a new copy of the Schoolzine Newsletter Template for each newsletter.
  • Rename the Schoolzine Newsletter Template for each newsletter (eg: 10th July) to minimise the chance of uploading the wrong document.

Preparing Images

Place all of your images and galleries into your Images folder.

If you have 5 or more images that you would like to add in the one spot in the newsletter, this will go into the newsletter as a gallery. To make it easier to reference the gallery, place the images in an appropriately named sub-folder in your images folder. You will then only need to reference the folder name.

Preparing Attachments

Place all of your attachments into the Other folder.

We require you to convert all of your files, including Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher files, into PDFs. PDF files can be viewed and printed on virtually any platform, meaning your community won’t miss out on important information. PDFs also prevent the document from being edited and will stop the appearance from changing.

Preparing Videos

If you have a video that you would like to include in your newsletter, we recommend uploading them to YouTube. YouTube accounts are free to create and videos can be hidden from the general public.

Unlisted Videos

We recommend changing your account settings, so that all videos by default are set as Unlisted. Unlisted videos can only by viewed if you have access to the video URL (web address), they do not appear on your YouTube channel and cannot be searched for.

Click here to learn how to set your videos to Unlisted

Uploading Videos

Videos can be easily uploaded to your YouTube account from your desktop computer or from a mobile or tablet.

Click here to learn how to upload your videos

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