Whilst building your Handbook you will be able to review your changes on the online version, by navigating to the specific Handbook, and selecting the ‘Preview‘ Button to open another window of your Handbook.

Previewing a Handbook


The Send Proof functionality allows you to send through a digital copy of your Handbook for review to other staff members without them requiring access to the Schoolzine Control Centre.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Newsletters Tab.
  2. Once expanded, select DIY Newsletters.
  3. Search for Staff or Student and click on the Handbook that you would like to send the proof from.
  4. Select Send Proof from the ribbon and a popup window will appear.
  5. Type in the email, or multiple emails separated by a comma, that you would like to send the proof to and click Send.
  6. The recipient will receive a newsletter link to their email, allowing them to proof the newsletter, without your content being fully published and visible to your community.
Sending a Proof of the Handbook

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