Request a Newsletter Amendment

Submit a Word Document with changes

To indicate your changes, all you need to do is highlight the text:

Highlight any changed/new content in Yellow..

Highlight any content that needs removal in Red.

The highlighter tool can be found in the Font toolbar in the menu ribbon.

Highlight tool within a Word Document

Handy Hints

  • If you have a punctuation change, make sure to highlight the word next to it as well.
  • For multiple changes within the one paragraph, make all the changes and highlight the whole paragraph in yellow, rather than having multiple yellow and red changes.
  • When adding new articles, make sure you remember to highlight the Headings and Images.

Submitting your Amendments

You can submit the following amenments to the Content team:

  1. An amended Word document with highlighted changes.
  2. New or missing images.
  3. New or missing attachments and flyers.
  4. A message to request changes to layout or other updates.

Click here to submit your Amendment request

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