Resending a Communication Campaign

Resending a Campaign is a quick and easy process which can be used to duplicate previously sent messages (such as repeated notices) or when corrections/ adjustments are required to be done for any messages that have been sent in the past.

Do I need to resend SZapp Notifications?

No. SZapp Notifications can be updated directly as these are hosted on the Schoolzine Server. You can use the steps below to update a SZapp Message that has already been sent:

  • Log into your Control Centre
  • Navigate to the Manage SZapp Menu Item in the Left-Hand Side Menu
  • Find your SZapp Message in the Feed Section
  • Press the Pencil Edit Icon
  • Make your desired changes

Once changes are saved these will be visible to anyone who views the message from that point forward.

Please note that a Refresh of the SZapp Feed may be needed on the device for the update to display.

Can I Edit the Campaign before I Resend it?

Yes. The Resend Button will create an identical copy of your Message and allow you to make the required adjustments prior to re-distribution.

Resending a Campaign

To Resend a Campaign follow the below steps:

  • Log into your Control Centre
  • Select Communicate from the Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  • Select the Name of the Message you would like to Resend
    • You can find this via the Recently Edited Messages in the Top Left if this is a recent Campaign
    • If this is an Older Message, you can search for the Campaign via the All Messages section at the bottom of the Communicate Menu
  • Select the Resend Button

Once the Resend Button has been clicked, the Schoolzine Control Centre will create an identical copy of the Campaign and allow you to work through from the beginning to make any changes that are created.

It will not automatically distribute the Campaign to your Contact List. You will need to progress through all the stages and make any desired changes that are needed. Once you are happy with this new version of the Campaign, you can use the Complete and Send button found on the last step.

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