Resubscribing a Contact

If a contact has been permanently unsubscribed, but would like to start receiving emails again they will need to be sent a resubscribe email to opt back in.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Contacts menu tab.
  2. Search for the contact you would like to resubscribe.
    Note: You can search for the contact via their name or email.
  3. Select their First Name.
  4. Click on the Send Resubscribe Email button and then confirm that you would like to send the email in the pop up prompt window.
  5. Once the contact has received the email they will need to click on the Resubscribe here link to opt back into receiving emails again.
    Note: Being sent the Resubscribe Email alone will not opt a contact back into receiving emails. The contact must click on the Resubscribe here link.

Screenshot of an unsubscribed contact in Schoolzine



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