Schoolzine Newsletter Advertising Subscriptions

Schoolzine has two types of Newsletter Advertising Subscriptions you can choose from. Sponsored being Schoolzine sourced advertising and Platinum being school sourced advertising or you can have no advertising at all.

Please note not all regions are eligible for the Sponsored Newsletter Subscription.

For further information on both subscriptions, please see below.

Sponsored Subscription

The Sponsored Newsletter Subscription will have advertising that is sourced by our team but has a reduced subscription cost compared to the Platinum Newsletter Subscription.

There are specific zones setup on your newsletter where the advertising will appear.

  • Up to 7 zones in the left-hand newsletter side panel
  • 1 Banner within the first 3 articles of your newsletter

Filler ads will be added to the respective zones in your newsletter till the zone has been sold.

For more information on the Schoolzine Advertising Zones, please see the page below.

Click here to view more information

Platinum Subscription

The Platinum Newsletter Subscription costs slightly more but will give you full control to source and add your own advertising to your Schoolzine Newsletter. This subscription will also allow you to remove advertising entirely from your newsletter.

You can add the advertising to your newsletter however you wish. Some suggestions are below for your reference:

  • Collective page of sponsor logos
  • A full article created for individual advertisers
  • Adding logos to your newsletter side panel

Schoolzine Advertising Contact Details

If you receive any advertising inquires or have any questions about your advertising subscription, please see the contact details below to contact us.

Phone: 07 5414 2361

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding advertising with Schoolzine, please feel free to submit your query to us and one of our friendly staff will be in communication to discuss further.

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