Session Settings

The settings below are used when creating your session, they are used to control the way your session works.

Session Title

This field is the title for your session.

Example: Parent Teacher Interviews

Session Type

Staff: Will record only parent details on the bookings.

Student: Will record parent and student details on the bookings.

Session Status

This will indicate whether the session is active or not.

Booking Notes

This option will prevent parents from being able to add a note to their booking.

Allow Availability Management

This setting will turn on the option for staff to create their own timeslots.

User Availability Check

Session Keeper has a check in place to ensure that parents are not able to book themselves two appointments at the same time. This field has been added to turn off this function for specific sessions, allowing parents to book the same time for two different sessions. (Example: Book with your child’s teacher and with a translator)

Open/Close Bookings

Open Bookings/Time: These fields will determine the open date and time of the session.

Close Bookings/Time: These fields will determine the close date and time of the session.

Always Open: The session will always be open to have bookings made.

Session Access Groups

Only contacts in the assigned access groups will be able to make bookings.

If no access group is set, all contacts in your account will have access to make a booking.

Session Manager

Session Managers will receive notifications and access request emails.

Web Form

Option to attach a Web Form to your session to request further details when a booking is being made.

Booking limit

Limit prevents multiple bookings within the selected time period.

Custom URL (web address)

Allows you to customise the URL (web address) that is sent out to Parents. The link is required to begin with ‘’ and whatever is entered in the field will appear after.


Session Description

This field is used for the description of your session and where you can include any details parents may need to know.

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