Templated Web Forms (eForms)

When your account is created you will have several templated eForms already in your account for use with your Schoolzine Products. These include a Contact Us Form, a Subscription Form, and an Absentee Form. You can use these Templated forms as the basis for new eForms, or disable if you do not want wish for them to be available.

Contact Us Form

The templated Contact Us forms will allow for your community to message you and an email workflow will be sent to a nominated email address. Commonly this will be sent to a main office email or similar to allow for forwarding and filtering to the relevant departments.

Subscribe Form

If you are sending out your eNewsletter to the community via the Schoolzine System you can use the Subscribe form for allowing community members to opt themselves into communications. If you are not using the email communication channel, it is recommended that you disable the Subscribe form in order to maintain accurate records in your own CMS.

Absentee Form

The Absentee form will allow your community members to submit a reason for a childs absence depending on your area or department requirements. These forms can be customised to allow for there to be a reason for absence as well as date that the user will return. Records can be sent to a dedicated Absentee email to be managed by office staff and records can also be accessed in the control centre.

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