Text Messages FAQs

What is our school mobile number?

You are able to view your School’s mobile number via the ‘Text Messages’ menu item. Your number, as well as your total send messages value, can be seen at the top right of the page.

Can our school name be shown instead of a number?

This functionality (Alpha Tags) is not currently supported, as it is primarily used for one-way communication and does not support replies.

Can we send or receive images via Text?

The Text Messaging product does not support the use of Images.

Can we include links/urls in Texts

Yes, links/urls can be sent via the Text Messages product. The links may not appear as hyperlinks when creating the message, but the receiving device will recognize the text is a link/url.

Can we change our mobile number?

Schoolzine has the capacity to change your mobile number under extenuating circumstances. Please contact the Support Team to discuss this.

Can we use our existing number (from another provider)?

Porting of existing numbers may be possible, depending on the carrier. Please contact the Schoolzine Support Team to discuss this.

Can we edit a sent Text Message?

Text Messages are similar to emails, once they are sent, they are housed on the receiving device and therefore cannot be altered.

When will we be invoiced?

Number rental is invoiced annually. Text Messages are invoiced monthly, in arrears.

How do we disable/cancel this product?

If you wish to cancel your subscription to this product, please contact the Support Team.

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