The Stages of Website Construction

Your website build will undergo 4 main steps:

Stage One: Planning, pages and design

Before we can commence with the build of your website we require you to have completed the following steps:

  1. Receipt of payment: Schoolzine must have confirmation that your invoice for the website has been paid. If you have any issues with paying your account or have any questions around paying your invoice, please contact
  2. Complete the Authorised Representatives form: As per our terms of service, you’re to provide us the details of the people who are allowed to provide content and make changes to the site. Please submit the names of those you wish to have access here.
  3. Supply Schoolzine with your website design, initial pages, branding and images: Using the following website pages document, fill out the details required for the build of your website, including the pages Schoolzine is required to build.We also require a number of design items to help complete the initial proof of your website. These are:
    • School branding colours
    • Vector based logo (illustrator or EPS file), or failing that a PNG version of your logo with a transparent background.
    • Up to 5 large images for personalisation of your website proof

    These items are to be submitted via the design content submission form. 

Stage Two: Website Content

While we set up your website templates, you can begin completing the website content. Download a website content submission package here to learn how best to provide your content to Schoolzine.

Download the website content structure package

Once you have completed compiling your content, please submit it via the website content submission form.

Stage Three: Amendments & Feedback

After receiving the first proof of your site you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and additional changes to the site. This feedback and changes are submitted through the website content submission form previously used.

Stage Four: Launch Website

We’ll provide you with the details required to change the site from your current to your new Schoolzine website. You may be able to make those changes to the DNS yourself or your IT department or helpdesk would be able to assist you with swapping over.

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