What is it?

Weighting determines the order in which items such and Web Pages in the top menu or Media Downloads in an automated list are displayed.

How do I use it?

When creating a new item within the Control Centre, it will have a weighting field. Enter a number into this field to assign a weight.

How does it work?

The higher the number assigned to the weighting field, the more important it is.

The system will review all relevant items when it creates the view for the website, assess what weightings have been given to the items that appear on the page, and will order them appropriately. The weighting will follow these rules when displaying items with and without a weight assigned:

Weight Rules

  • By default, if an item hasn’t been assigned a weight, it will assume the value of 0 weight.
  • Items with the same weight will be ordered by weight, then by alphabetical order or release date (depending on the item being weighted).
  • The higher the number given as weight, the more important that item is, and the higher it will appear on the site.
  • Negative weight will appear below anything assigned with a weight of 0.

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