What is Text Messaging?

Text Messaging is Schoolzine’s latest product which enables schools to connect with parents, students, and staff through instant and convenient text-based communication. With Text Messaging, you can effortlessly send important updates, announcements, reminders, and event notifications directly to recipients’ mobile devices.

This feature serves as a reliable and efficient way to ensure that crucial information reaches the intended recipients promptly. Whether it’s notifying parents about upcoming parent-teacher meetings, reminding students of assignment due dates, or alerting staff members about important school-wide announcements, Text Messaging simplifies and enhances communication within the school community.

When to use Text Messaging:

  • Urgent Alerts: In case of emergencies, such as school closures due to weather or other unforeseen events, text messaging allows you to quickly reach parents and staff members to ensure everyone receives timely and critical information.
  • Absence Notifications: With text messaging, parents can quickly inform the school about their child’s absence or late arrival. This feature streamlines the communication process, making it easier for parents to keep schools informed and for schools to track attendance.
  • Timely Announcements: From changes in school schedules to updates on policies and procedures, text messaging allows schools to disseminate important announcements efficiently. It ensures that vital information reaches the intended recipients promptly, minimizing miscommunication and confusion.
  • Event Reminders: Schools often have a variety of events, including parent-teacher conferences, sports competitions, and extracurricular activities. Text messaging enables schools to send event reminders to parents and students, ensuring that important dates and details are easily accessible.

Points of Note:

  • Please note that this product is currently only available to schools based within Australia. Support for additional countries may be included at a later date.
  • Text Messaging does not support the sending or receival of images.
  • Like Emails, Text Messages cannot be modified once sent.

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