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Building School Websites: Your Questions Answered

In an era where technology plays a crucial role in education, having a well-designed and functional school website is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. A school’s website serves as a virtual front door, providing students, parents, and the … Read More

Newsletter Mastery: 6 Tips for Quicker, Quality School Newsletters

In the digital age, newsletters remain an invaluable tool for schools to connect with their audience. However, the challenge lies in creating newsletters that are both efficient to produce and engaging for readers. To help you strike this balance, we’ve … Read More

School Newsletter Examples to Spark Inspiration

School newsletters play a vital role in fostering effective communication between schools and parents, keeping them informed about important events, activities, and achievements. However, it can be challenging to create newsletters that truly engage the school community. That’s where Schoolzine … Read More

Choosing a School Newsletter Software: What To Look For

School newsletters play a pivotal part in the educational ecosystem, serving as a direct line of communication between schools, parents, students, and the broader community. In this digitally-driven age, selecting the right platform to create, manage, and distribute these crucial … Read More

Important emergency numbers for you and your child:

Lifeline: Anyone having a personal crisis 13 11 14 or via Beyond Blue: Anyone feeling anxious or depressed 1300 22 46 36 or via Mensline Australia: Men with emotional concerns 1300 789 978 or via Suicide Call … Read More

Wonde Valid Contacts Report Example

Valid Contacts shows you all the contacts that have been synced through by Wonde, with all of their details such as Email, Mobile, Address, Student(s) linked, and more. “Mobile Number / Email Address”: {         “id“: “AXXXXXXXXX”,         “mis_id”: “XXX”, … Read More

Wonde Student Report Example

Student Contacts show you the list of Students that have been synced through by Wonde. It will also show information such as what Classes and Year Groups they have been linked to. Below is some example content that will be … Read More

Creating an Article Feed for your non Schoolzine Website

The following guide will provide you with information regarding Creating an Article Feed for your Non Schoolzine Website.

For more information on this process, please read the following article.

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Session Keeper Parent Booking Guide

The following guide will instruct you on the process needed to book an appointment through Schoolzine’s Session Keeper System. You will also be able to cancel your booking and rebook if required. 1. Navigate to the Session Keeper URL, enter … Read More

Resending a Communication Campaign

The following guide will provide you with information regarding Re-sending your Communication Messages.

For more information on this process, please read the following article.

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PREVIEWING YOUR HANDBOOK Whilst building your Handbook you will be able to review your changes on the online version, by navigating to the specific Handbook, and selecting the ‘Preview‘ Button to open another window of your Handbook. SENDING A PROOF … Read More

Secured Calendars

A Secured calendar allows you to display events that are not intended to be viewed by your users. For example, you can create a secured calendar to list staff events and embed the secured calendar on your staff portal. To … Read More